Tell Me YOUR Goal

Tell Me YOUR Goal


Let me ask you a question and I would love an answer commented below.

What is your training goal?

BE SPECIFIC, what is it?

Do you have one?

Is it vague?

Saying something like “My Goal is To Workout More” isn’t a goal, or even better I hear this all the time “I want to lose weight”.

These are not goals, they are broad statements at best. To me that’s like saying your going to go to school to “Earn More Money”. It’s not going to work.

One thing we do in our Rippedin42 program is make it mandatory to set realistic, measurable, achievable TARGETED Goals.For example.

My goal when I finished this phase of Rippedin42 was to Weigh 176 lbs. This was one of my 4 goals that i had for myself. (the other 3 were Highest Level Plyo Box Jump, 90 lb Pull Ups, and a 315 bench, I got 3 of 4 goals, might try bench press monday)

Yesterday for my photos I weighed in 177. I was easily 176 after the photos.


The main reason I took a picture was to show below.

Here is my Facebook Post Stating My Goal from a few weeks ago in Kentucky (I had that number in my head weeks ago when I started)



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I stated my goal and the exact end in mind.

Here is me on the scales weighing 177 lb.








My point for this is to show that in order to be successful at anything you need a SPECIFIC MEASURABLE GOAL. Which is why this is mandatory in our Rippedin42 Program.

When was the last time you had a exact specific goal?

Tomorrow we have over 80 Ripped In 42 Members both locally and online finishing their 42 Day Transformations. All of them had a goal, a plan, and weekly accountability to getting their goals.
No Goals = No Progress

Our Ripped In 42 Program is now open for local applications in St. John’s area more info at

Rippedin2 program can be done at home via Online at

Take our Rippedin42 Challenge, trust me it will be the BEST 42 Days Of Your Life.

“On The Day Of Victory, You Won’t Be Tired”

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