Be Grateful For Struggle

Be Grateful For Struggle

Be Grateful For Struggle

Three years ago today I stepped back on the Powerlifting platform after being away from the sport since 1999.  

Our first Heavy Weights Power Lifting Team had 5 lifters.





I competed in my first competition in 1999 and I had no clue what I was doing. I was a natural competitive bodybuilder who just liked lifting HeavyWeights so I decided to try PowerLifting.

On the day of the meet I actually disqualified because I didn’t complete a bench press.  I missed all 3 benches because I didn’t know the rules of the sport.

I failed on that day.


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A year later I hurt my back deadlifting and I was NEVER the same again.  My ego got the better of me and my back injury set me back physically and mentally for 10 years.

3 Bulging discs, 1 herniated disc, osteo arthritis and more.  Throw on top of that 2 torn biceps, 1 bicep surgery, 4 hand surgeries and being told I would never lift Heavy Weights or compete again.

I felt as if my body and spirit were broken.

I met some amazing people and learned info on how to overcome my back injury without surgery. I overcame a lot both physically and mentally and stepped back on the Powerlifting platform at the 2013 NL PowerLifting Provincials.

Getting back on the platform was one of the biggest fears of my life. I knew very little about the sport of PowerLifting, my back injury was still there along with 2 bicep tears and much more, and to be honest I was afraid of what could go wrong.

I was so afraid of letting myself down, and my team.

It was one of the hardest things to do in my life.

I stepped up, I led from the front, I did my best to Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.



Two years after getting back on the platform, and 3 competitions later I was able to compete as a part of Team Canada in South Africa & again at the 2015 Classic Powerlifting World Championship in Salo Finland and walked away with a Bronze Medal in Deadlifts, a Common Wealth Deadlift Record and the PROUD honor of competing with Team Canada for a a second time.

Never in a million years after bombing my first meet in 1999, after blowing out my back a year later, after countless surgeries and set backs I could have NEVER DREAMED that I would compete again, let alone at the WORLDS level and walk away with a medal and a record.




It is something I will never ever forget for my whole life.

Set big goals, write them down on paper, share them to the universe, get comfortable being uncomfortable and find mentors and coaches that bring out your best.

I am grateful for the struggle.

Thanks to everyone in my life and my Heavy Weights family.  None of this would be possible without you.

I am so happy to see the growth of Power Lifting in Newfoundland and I am proud of the impact that Heavy Weights has had on fitness and strength in Newfoundland and all over the world.

Always believe in yourself, set big goals, surround yourself with great people and never ever ever give up.

Never, Ever, EVER give up on your dreams and goals.

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