Rob King CPPS Certified

Rob King CPPS Certified

I am not big into having letters and numbers after my name.

Back in 1997 when I started out as a Personal Trainer at the YMCA.  (My parents lived across the street, that was my dream job then…please don’t laugh!)

I was “Rob King, CPT.” 

I didn’t care much about certifications.  The letters didn’t matter.  The knowledge and ability to help people is what matters.

Right now, I have about 15 certifications.  It’s cool, and learning is also fun, but in they end they don’t mean much.

Remind me sometime to write a blog post about how I got banned from Crossfit. 

Some of the biggest people in the fitness industry who have influenced me, such as Bill Phillips, Martin Rooney, and Jason Ferrugia, don’t show off letters after their name.

It’s just not a big deal.  They are good.  They don’t need silly letters to prove it.

Great coaches and trainers are just that, GREAT Coaches and Trainers.

So the letters don’t matter, the certification doesn’t matter, what does matter is the EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE & RELATIONSHIPS you gain from education and certifications.



As of today I am a CPPS Certified Coach (Certified Physical Preparation Specialists).

If letters don’t matter, why am I making a big deal out of this?

It’s because I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn from two coaches who have helped me without them even knowing it.

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It’s not every day you get to learn and train with the best.

It’s my mission to take THE BEST back to Newfoundland and with my clients at Heavyweights Training Center.

James Smith (aka Smitty)

I found Smitty’s blog a few years ago when I started doing more reading and understanding on lower back pain, core bracing, and other training information in that vein.  I always liked his positive mindset and quality videos, so I enjoyed reading his stuff.  I didn’t comment much, but I read, I learned, I applied, and it helped me and my clients tremendously.

Smitty has one of the best strength training blogs around.  Check it out at

Joe DeFranco

I found Joe’s stuff when I started getting away from “bodybuilding” workouts.

In my life of working out I was  tired of being big and strong in the gym but pretty useless outside the gym.

I wanted to learn more about being athletic and jacked, and not just looking jacked but being weak in sports and life.

I was mid-thirties, busted up and I didn’t like it.  Time to get strong and athletic and not just look the part.

I found some of Joe’s crazy training videos on Joe Dranfranco’s Youtube Chanel and I was hooked.

These two coaches had a big influence on my own training, motivation, and passing this on to my Heavyweights clients.

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So when the opportunity to do a CPPS Certification with Smitty & Joe at Defranco’s gym I couldn’t pass up the chance.

Me and five of my Heavyweights Coaching Team went to DeFranco’s in New Jersey for our CPPS Certification and to learn from some of the smartest and best in the coaching field.


Today I received notice that I am a CPPS coach, taking the level of Strength Training & Athletic Conditioning to another level in Newfoundland.

I am happy for this because of the experience of learning from some of the best in the stregth & conditioning industry, along with this they are great guys who do a ton to help people.

Along with great coaching I got to finally experience the legendary Defranco’s Gym (Voted One of the Top 10 Gyms in The USA by Men’s Health).

Lastly, I met some amazing coaches and people such as John Gaglione from Gaglione Strength.

My goal is to make the top 10 list for Canada, if not North America with Heavyweights Training Center.


Joe DeFranco & Rob King



Rob King & James Smith


I have trained with some amazing coaches such as Martin Rooney, Bill Phillips, Jason Ferrugia, and Dax Moy to name a few, and I have to say that meeting and learning from Smitty & Joe was an amazing experience both personally and training-wise.

Thanks Smitty & Joe!  Team Heavyweights will do you guys proud.

If you live in the St. John’s or surrounding area, and you want the best in athletic performance, strength & conditioning, come to Heavyweights Training Center

We are looking for up and coming athletes that want to take their training and goals to another level.


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