7 Muscle Building Nutrition Myths

7 Muscle Building Nutrition Myths

Muscle Building Nutrition Myth #1: Eating Like A Pro Bodybuilder.

Let’s face it, your not Jay Cutler or Branch Warren.  If you are 275 lbs of pure muscle you don’t need to be taking advice from me.

So my question is this, why are you taking advice and reading articles on guys that weigh 275 lbs of muscle, that use “other” Supplements to aid in their muscle building.  Why would you take advice from them?  You shouldn’t!

So from now on forget buying Muscle Magazines that are filled with advertising promising you results like that pro’s that you will NEVER GET.  From now on it’s all about HONESTY and what WORKS.

So forget the Muscle Magazines and the pro’s advice.  What works for them will not work for you.  This alone will save you countless hours and thousands of hard earned dollars.

Muscle Building Nutrition Myth #2: The More Protein You Eat The More Muscle You Will Build

This is a tricky one.  Yes protein is required to build muscle, always is and always will be, BUT just eating more and more protein won’t always cause you to keep building muscle.  There are MANY other factors that contribute to building lean rock hard muscle.

If you are one of these people that think taking a scoop of protein post workout will solve all your muscle building problems, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Protein is important, but far more important is the PROPER COMBINATION of Proteins with other foods.  Protein timing is the key to keep building muscle & losing fat (yes this can be done at the same time).

Protein impacts muscle building & fat loss more than anything else, but it’s all about the TIMING & COMBINATION of protein with other foods that makes it work like magic.

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You will also learn why some proteins are FAR superior choices for building muscle than others.  All proteins are not created equal.

Muscle Building Nutrition Myth #3: More Calories = More Muscle

I used to be one of those bulky guys you see in the gym.  I used to eat 4000-5000 calories a day, I read everything the pros told me, I followed it to the letter.

I got fat!

Look when it comes to building muscle there is an “Optimal Calorie Range”.  Where you can build quality muscle and even lose fat.  But the key isn’t to just bail more calories.  The key is to get the RIGHT calories at the RIGHT TIMES!

This can separate you from being big and fat, to being LEAN & MUSCULAR!

The Secret to Achieving Rapid Muscle Gain Without
 Adding Fat is Nutrient Combining & TIMING!

This Is Your KEY To Building Lean Muscle.

When I first employed this system I was utterly astounded at the results.

I have worked with countless competitors, athletes and just normal every day people looking to build more muscle and lose fat and when these key components are put in place fat disappears and lean muscle starts to grow.  This isn’t magic, it’s just good Nutrition Principles.

Muscle Building Nutrition Mistake #4: Relying on Supplements & Protein Powders

Let me be very clear on something.  I am a “Supplement Guy”.  I LOVE SUPPLEMENTS!  Always have and always will, I am proud of this. It’s my business and my passion, BUT Supplements are meant to add that 10-20% extra, they aren’t meant to replace GOOD NUTRITION.

I have been saying this to my customers and clients for years now and I will always say it!

Supplements are just that, SUPPLEMENTS!

There are lot’s of supplements that work, but also remember there are LOTS of Supplements that are junk!  It is always best to spend money first on Quality Nutrition and then add in the Supplements that are needed.

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Without a good nutritional base you are doomed to fail.  The newest pre workout or product of the month will NOT help you Build Muscle UNLESS Your Nutrition bases are covered.

When I was a teenager I had very little appetite and  lived off protein powders, it was one of the reasons I actually started my Supplement Company.  The problem is without good old fashion FOOD protein powders (and all supplements) won’t work nearly as well as they should!  You need a GOOD NUTRITONAL BASE.  This is always the most important aspect of Building Muscle & Losing Fat.

90% of the Bodybuilding Supplements you take will work MUCH BETTER If YOU Have A SOLID NUTRITION PLAN!

Muscle Building Nutrition Mistake #5: You Must Eat Every Three Hours

This is going to go against everything you read in ALL the Muscle Magazines.  The myth that you need to eat every 3 hours to build muscle.

Yes eating every three hours can help, but it isn’t essential, and honestly it’s a big pain in the butt!  This concept was actually created by one of the top Supplement Guru’s to sell Meal Replacement Shakes (Genius concept all the same).
Eating frequently does work, but it isn’t essential.  I will actually show you how FASTING will actually help you BUILD MUSCLE (Blasphemy I know). In my book I will teach you how STRUCTURED FASTING periods will help you Build Muscle AND Lose Fat!

Eating Every 3-4 Hours Isn’t Nearly as Important As WHAT you EAT and WHEN You Eat It!

Muscle Building Nutrition Mistake #6: Low Fat Diets Are The Best For Staying Lean & Building Muscle

This has to be one of the biggest myths in Nutrition today.  Fats are ESSENTIAL for Building Muscle!  Yes fat.  

Good fats impact hormones in your body, which plays a huge role in Building Muscle & Losing Fat.  Get the right balance of fats in your body and the following things happen.

  • Body Fat Disappears (no joke)
  • Reduced Joint Pain
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Improved Memory, Concentration & Mood
  • Improved Testosterone Levels (this is crucial in building muscle)
  • Cholesterol Improves
  • Hunger Stabilizes
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Low fat diets work, but it isn’t optimal!  Anyone can get lean eating egg whites and cans of tuna.  But you can’t LIVE THIS WAY!

Muscle Building Nutrition Mistake #7: Low Carb Diets Work

Here is the deal, low carb diets don’t work  It’s a band aid on a bleeding wound type solution.  We live in a society loaded with Carbohydrate foods, go too long without them and you will get the worst cravings ever.  How do I know? Because I have done Atkins & Ketogenic diets, I know how they work and I know how hard they are.

Aside from Keto diets being hard, they SUCK at building Muscle!  Who wants to be lean and look like skin & bones!  We are talking about Building Muscle here, and Carbs are NEEDED to build Muscle!

So there are 7 quick muscle building nutrition myths.

Got a Nutrition Question?  Post it up I will do my best to answer!

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  • jamie

    hi my names jamie i’ve been training for 1 and a half years now, i’ve gone from 8 stone to 12 stone, i want to put more weight on, my diet consists of this- morning protien shake (Critical mass or mutant mass)
    followed by a bowl of porridge
    then i train- protien shake
    then lunch- 4 baked potatoes with butter(only a little amount tho)
    then i have tea- salmon/white fish with pasta
    then before i go bed i have another protien shake.

    i’m looking to put on 2/3 more stone, would like it if you had any advice for me, safe jd

  • Dawson Riggin

    Ok, I am 22 years old and I have been taking bodybuilding very serious for the last 4-5 months. I weigh 200 lbs and have shed pounds of body fat and stacked on tons of muscle by pretty much figuring out what you just published. People always look at me funny when I tell them that I don’t waste my time buying protein powders, I get what I need from the food that I eat. I usually consume about a half to three quarter pounds of meat after my workouts. My only question is; What is the optimal amount carbs I should consume with that protein source?

  • Rob King

    Add in more protein Jamie. You have lots of carbs in your diet but you need more protein! Try to get at least your body weight in protein a day. IE I weigh 185lb so I try to get at LEAST 185g of protein a day.

    Hope this helps.

  • Jeff

    Fasting is the way to gain lean muscle mass for sure.

    I am currently practicing interminent fasting and it is working wonders!

    I encourage others to try!