Ditch Your AM Carbohydrates

Ditch Your AM Carbohydrates

I LOVE cereal.

I really do.  I love it so much because growing up in my house we had no tasty cereals.  With 3 brothers and 2 sisters, we were lucky to eat at all.  Our cereal of choice was Rice Krispies.

I hate Rice Krispies.  (Unless they are made into Rice Krispy cookies, and then I love Rice Krispies).

I ate them for years.

I met some great friends way back in grade 1 and 2, (friends I still have to this day!) and it was a total treat when I got to sleep over on the weekends at one of their houses.  A big reason for that was because they had…GOOD CEREALS!

Like actual ‘Fruit Loops’ & ‘Captain Crunch’!

Happy Robbie.

This was the start of my AM carb obsession.  It’s the same obsession that MILLIONS of kids are going through every morning.

Unfortunately, it turns out that starting kids with a bowl of cereal, white milk and a glass of orange juice is not a great way to get them going.  Once I started to workout, I realized cereal was kinda bad.  I turned to Oatmeal.  Mostly it was the oatmeal and sugar combo.  (Peach-flavored oatmeal and 2% milk was my favorite.)  

Things changed when I became more serious about fitness.  For about 10 years while I was bodybuilding and trying to get bigger, I pretty much ate the same thing every morning:  egg whites and Oatmeal.

My oatmeal was plain.  I added a little bit of milk and some protein powder.  I did it because that’s what everyone was doing.  It was in all the magazines.  According to what I read, all the pros were eating egg whites and oatmeal.  (At least that’s what they said in the press!)

So for years and years I ate egg whites and oatmeal.  I never stayed lean and I always had to fight to lose body fat.

Now today at almost 40 years of age I do the opposite.  I go zero to no carbs in the AM and I mostly eat full eggs, berries and mixed nuts.  Some days I have a protein shake, but if I have time I like to eat a meal.

Today on my HWTC Facebook page I started a tip for my clients and readers to “Ditch AM carbs to get leaner.”


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For the last year we have had our clients ditch carbohydrates in the AM.  I started testing it myself, loved the results and then started getting amazing results with our clients.  So now almost all of our programs have NO AM carbs.

I know.  Imagine that.  No cereals, breads, juices, or oatmeal.

The horror.

The food companies will soon notice a dip in their gazzilion sales per year because I have my clients eating no AM carbs. 🙂

We always hear, “you need carbs for energy.”

“You need to start your day with food pyramid.”

“Oatmeal is good for you!”


Want to know if carbs are good for you or not in the AM?


Take a full month and ditch your AM carbohydrates.  Then monitor your energy, mood, and body composition.  Don’t talk about it.  TRY IT, then make your own decision.

I started to lower my AM carbohydrates after reading his article on consuming a “Meat & Nut Breakfast.”  (You can read the article by going here.)

I also stopped eating oatmeal almost completely when I read about issues with oatmeal and cross contamination with gluten.  Gluten is bad news, in case you didn’t know.

For another great read on gluten & oatmeal, read THIS article.

Another good read is from The Globe & Mail, “According to the new findings, starting your day with a high-fat breakfast – and eating a lighter evening meal – can offset weight gain and lower the odds of metabolic syndrome.”

You can read that article by clicking HERE.

The bottom line is this, if you want to get leaner, feel better, and have better overall energy and body composition over all, start cutting out your AM carbohydrates.

If you enjoyed this blog post and want more nutrition tips that work for me and my clients, check out Rob’s Nutrition Rules.

For a great read on everything you need to know about Carbohydrates check out my ebook “The Truth About Carbohydrates“.

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