It’s On!

It’s On!

It’s On!

OK so Saturday past I started dieting for 6 weeks for a goal.

See I generally stay in “OK” shape, but it’s been a long time since I have pushed myself and focused on my own training.

That’s gonna change right now!

So I have about 5 weeks left and I plan to really bust my ass to get as lean and muscular as possible in just 5 weeks (thats only 35 days), this week i have trained hard and cleaned up the diet (Except monday when a Easter Bunny Crisp called my name at the store). He won the battle, but not the war.

What I plan to do is log my training/food/supplements and maybe once a week I could do a weekly review. So say every Friday I would post a summary of my week etc.

Why am I doing this now? Well after the end of 5 weeks that Saturday we have almost 40 new clients for Ripped In 42 that are getting their “After Pics” done, and I want to diet and be lean with them.  I will post my 6 weeks before & after on Feb 26th! Now I have accountability….YOU :).

PLUS Saturday Feb 26th is my BIRTHDAY! So I turn 37 (a spring chicken if you ask me), and at 37 I want to be LEANER and a more muscular version of me at 27 (I was about 220lb then….”round” as I call it lol).

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So my question is would you like to see a mini weekly “Journal” of sorts about my training, my workouts, my supplements and goal setting? If so I will post it and help you (and me). If not just tell me to “bugger off” and I will go play Call Of Duty and eat chocolate.

>> Give me some feedback and I look forward to hearing from you! <<

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  • Josh

    Hey Rob!

    I’ve love to see your a simple break down of your diet and exercise over the next few weeks. I’m always tinkering to see how much I can gain/lose/improve in set time periods, would love to see what I can pick up from your experiment.

  • Rob King

    Thanks Josh, i wont be doing a full on bodybuilding routine, but i will be trying to muscle up a bit..esp in the arms and legs

  • Billy

    Post her up

  • Sharon


  • jason

    Dude id love to see your reports

  • Sherri


    I love the idea of you telling your story. I would love to do your Ripped in 42 program just finding the time. I’m a fitness instructor and am working on looking lean but there is still room for improvement. Looking forward to your journal.

  • Darren

    Definatley post it up Rob! you’re always a HUGE help to everyone and some of us might be able to get something out of your routine. Plus it’s always nice to get a pat on the back when you’re doing well lol

  • barry

    Can anyone here join in on this ?

  • Pam

    Yes! Do it!
    My husband and I started training Jan 6th, and I am already down 6 lbs and it feels great! It would be great to follow along with your progress as well; you can never have too much support I say. Give’r!

  • Rob King

    @Barry you mean do a 6 week and post it?? Sure man..why not!

  • Blaine

    Love the idea. Just before Thanksgiving our training class did something similar. In 4 weeks I went from 14% bf to 8% and looked leaner than I have ever been. We are in the midst of the same session again and I would love to hear about your diet, when and what you eat for specific nutrients, sups, water intake etc. This will give your followers an idea of the strategy behind it all. I would also be very interested in your final week strategy (what your eating, shedding water, etc) to gauge against what I have done and seen others do for success in that final push to the “after” picture. I will end with a question, do you subscribe to fast days particularly after a weekend where you were not as strict with the diet?
    Thanks for the insight and best of luck.

  • Donald Hart

    Robert: I am most interested in your program and the results include me in your email.

  • Cory

    Rob, I love the fire and intensity in this blog! You sound like you’re ready to kick some serious ass! I love it! You go brother! I’ve been reading your blogs for a couple of years and this one got me fired up more than any other. Yes, please keep us posted, and keep that fire burning hot. The best fitness sites that I visit are the ones where the teacher is just as fired up as I am. You’ve got a good hook, use it! I love it. I hope you blast past your goals. I think you will.

  • larry clarke

    sweet b kool to see

  • Patrick De Angelis

    You go Rob! Good luck man and happy up coming birthday!

  • Jacob


  • Larry

    Rob, I would love to read about your read about how your 6week program goes. Please keep us posted daily if possible. I could always use an extra tips. Best of luck to you. Have fun and keep positive.

  • Terence

    Sounds great man please post it.

  • Steve Hicks

    Hey Rob,

    I would like you to share your diet and exercise regime!

  • Jason Brenton

    Yes Rob. most definitely.

    Go for it buddy. Everytime I ask you a question you’ve always stressed the importance of the clean diet. Lets lock that Bunny in the cage for awhile and get it done. Remember Rob we look up to you buddy and you need to lead by example. Good Luck with it..

  • Jack Simpson

    I think it’s a great idea Rob, pictures of progression would be helpful as well to see a week by week change that we can all see.

  • Pam

    Are you still selling that Piracetam stuff? I’m on a particular medication, and not sure if my pharmacist will know if there would be any interactions or not….any thoughts??
    ps: Down 8 lbs now :))

  • Rob King

    Hi Pam

    I do sell Piracetam if you need help let me know.

    Congrats on the 8lbs thats awesome!