Sheena Vickers Transformation

Sheena Vickers Transformation

People see the happy me now, but the truth is I was not always this way!

Growing up I was very athletic and was great at sports, in particular basketball. In grade 7, I was picked for a developmental basketball team and my love of the game progressed from there.  A year later, I was playing basketball for Newfoundland. This continued every year until grade 11. Outside of basketball I didn’t have much of a life. I was not well-liked in high school, and was bullied from grade 9 until I graduated

Because of this social pressure, I started to become very insecure, and I skipped school as much as possible to get away from the people who would hurt me. I spent many of my days in tears at home. It hurt my parents, because they had a hard time getting me to go, and my grades dropped horribly.  Basically, the only reason I didn’t drop out was because of basketball.  Being able to play kept me going.  It was all I had.

Upon graduation, I had several scholarships for universities to play basketball, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the grades.  This has haunted me to this day. Thankfully, my mother, the rock of my family, got me through these rough times and back into school.

For a while, it felt like everything was going to be ok. That is until my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  Her condition deteriorated quickly, and before I knew it, my best friend in the world was gone. I clung to the only thing I felt, which was anger.  I slowly started eating myself to death.

I wondered what I had done in this life to deserve the hand I was dealt, and I wanted a way out. Depressed, I slowly stopped doing everything that I loved, and turned to food as comfort. I slowly started to gain weight.  Before I knew it, I was so overweight that I just did not care anymore. I tried to go on with my life the best I could, while still gaining weight and not feeling good about myself.

My weight eventually got out of control, and I was so unhappy and depressed that I didn’t want to go out in public. I was in denial about how big I was, and just would not do anything about it. I looked at success stories from Heavyweights on a regular basis, and I contemplated joining for a very long time until I finally decided to make the leap and at least try something.

In September 2012, I started with the Rippedin42 program and I haven’t looked back since.


 I met Rob King and his team and I was inspired.  I didn’t think it was possible to enjoy working out at a gym. At first you have a struggle with yourself, you tell yourself you can’t, and you play games with yourself. You can’t give in.  You have to tell yourself you want it and you need it. I decided that it was my time, and that I needed to change my life for me!

When I started to see the scale move, I was hooked.  In 6 weeks with Rippedin42 I was 22 lbs. lighter, and had lost 12 inches.

I was happy, but I was still not satisfied. I was so determined to get back to the person I used to be, I continued on and did “Ripped” for a second time.  Every day I felt  better, stronger, faster, and healthier. The second 6 weeks marked another milestone, as I had dropped another 23 lbs. and 13 inches.

I remember the feeling of going through my closet and not having a single item of clothing to fit.

It felt absolutely amazing.  I honestly couldn’t believe it was me. I didn’t think it was ever possible to lose the weight.   I thought I would always be stuck in a body that I absolutely hated.

I decided to keep going.  I next did “StrongHER.”  Danielle Rideout taught me to lift and made me stronger.

Now I am in the “Women’s Cardio Strength Elite” program, coached by Rob.  He makes me better every single day!  I am stronger then I have ever been and I owe a lot of this to him for helping me and pushing me to improve.

10 months after starting I am a new person.  This applies not just to the outside, but to the inside as well.  I am happy, I smile more, and I am more confident in myself.  I no longer dress in clothing that hides my body. I am 70 pounds lighter, and am still moving towards my own goals.  I aim to get my body into the best shape possible.  I can’t thank the Heavyweights team enough for how they have changed me and made me better.


People ask me every day how I did it.  Honestly, all I can say is determination and Heavyweights Training Center!  This is not just a gym, it really is a family.  I have met some of my best friends here, and my love for this gym continues to grow every day. I now work at the gym and I am determined to help people start their own transformations. I want to help change lives the same way Rob has changed mine. It is never too late to start your own journey, you just have to tell yourself it’s possible.


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You’ve only got three choices in life: give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got…. I made my choice.  

What do you choose?


Check out these videos of Sheena training.


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  • Kayla Colbert

    It breaks my heart to see that you ever went through any pain because you, of all people, don’t deserve that! You look amazing and I’m so proud of my best friend. Seeing you regain your confidence has inspired a lot of people, me included. Love you like a sister and I couldn’t be happier for you. xo