Training at Cressey Performance

Training at Cressey Performance

I started reading Eric Cressey on T-Nation many years ago and ever since I don’t think I have missed an article or blog post he has written.

Not long after I started reading Tony Gentilcore stuff on T-Nation and then Tony’s blog as well.

In other words I am a stalker of Eric & Tony.


Stalking aside Tony & Eric but out some of the best training information around and anytime I get the chance to learn from these guys I do.

I attended a seminar by Eric in Kentucky this year, as well I attended a Core & Spine seminar in Edmonton where Tony was one of the presenters.

So when I got the chance to train at Cressey Performance and see what these guys are doing I jumped at the chance.

Training at Cressey Performance

Me and Eric Cressey

Me & Tony Gentilcore

Being in New Jersey last weekend for the CAPS Certification and in Boston this weekend for Fitness Business seminars I had a few days in between so Danielle and I hopped in our rental car and went on a adventure to Hudson Massachusetts to check out Cressey Performance.

I am obsessed with being the best strength coach I can and seeing what the top people in the world are doing with their clients and gyms so that I can bring the best to my readers here on this blog and my clients at Heavyweights Training Center.

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Our motto at HWTC is “Raising The Bar” so I am doing my absolute best to raise the bar on my own coaching and what I bring to my HWTC clients.

Soon as I walked in the doors of Cressey Performance I was greeted by Eric’s Dog “Tank” I knew this was going to be awesome.


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