3 Benefits Of Deficit Deadlifts

3 Benefits Of Deficit Deadlifts

3 Benefits Of Deficit Deadlifts


The defecit deadlift is a great exercise for some lifters and not for others.20dce0c049e35e8cc8e4ab5f6d95ba40

If you have any previous back pain or experience back pain this is not a great exercise for you.

I do these but with a lower weight and higher reps and I always watch for lower back position to avoid any problems.

Make sure to keep your spine in a neutral position throughout the movement.

However IF you can do defecit deadlifts I advise you to do them in the 5-10 rep range with a very controlled lift.


3 Benefits Of Defecit Deadlifts

1. Longer Range Of Motion During The Deadlift

2. Improve the starting pull of the deadlift (aka the first pull)

3. Longer TUT (Time Under Tension) = More Muscle & More


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