3 Simple Tips For A Stronger Deadlift

3 Simple Tips For A Stronger Deadlift

3 Simple Tips For A Stronger Deadlift


1. Learn To Get TIGHT

Tension is the magic word for deadlifts and for all strength exercises  With getting tight you want everything working.  Tight grip. tight lats, tight core, everything should turn to steel when you lift.

When you deadlift you want to have every muscle get as tight as possible.  This will make you stronger and also reduce any chance of injury.


2. Speed Off The Floor

It’s important to train for speed and to pull as fast as possible.  When deadlifting you want to apply as much speed as possible, when it gets heavy the weight won’t move as fast but the intention has to be for speed.

To improve speed off the floor you can do speed deadlifts, band deadlifts and also be sure to really focus on speed in your deadlift warm ups.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 135 lbs or 500 lbs you always want to train to be tight and fast.


3. Fix Your Deadlift Stance

Depending on your genetics, body type, injuries, mobility and more it’s important for you to find a deadlift that works for you.

Your two options are Sumo or Conventional.

With a Sumo Deadlift your feet are wide and your toes point out slightly and your hands are INSIDE your knees.

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With a Conventional Deadlift your hands are OUTSIDE your knees and your stance is generally shoulder width apart.

I’d recommend learning and lifting BOTH styles, but to lift HeavyWeights you will more than likely find one stance that feels better for you.

Remember that strength is a skill and you get better by practicing your technique, improving your skill, and training hard and smart.


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