5 Benefits Of Pause Squats

5 Benefits Of Pause Squats

In my last two PowerLifting competitions (Canadian Nationals & IPF Worlds In South Africa) I bombed.

I went 2/6 in my squats.

This does not make me very happy.

To be honest with you it really sucks.

It haunts me.

However, I believe that from bad things comes the opportunity to get better, to improve and to overcome.

Every set back is an opportunity for a comeback.

Here are some of my squats from the IPF Worlds In Africa in June.


I worked my butt off for 6 weeks before worlds to really improve my squats after Nationals and although my numbers that I attempted were much higher and my gym lifts were much better I still missed depth on my squats so it’s what I have to work on to improve.

Some reasons I may have missed my depth

– Not working enough on driving deep as possible out of the hole of the squat

– Guarding a back injury and not feeling comfortable in the bottom position

– Lack of mobility in calves, ankles, hip moblity, etc.

– Getting Old (not acceptable)

– Lack of Core Strength

– Lack of Strength Somewhere In The Squat Chain

– Other

So it could have been many of these things or something else but come the end of the day I need to work squat depth and one of the best ways to improve squat depth and power out of the hole is Pause Squats.

A pause squat is simply a squat where you go as low as possible in the bottom part of a squat and you pause there for a period of time.  I like using 3 second pauses as it completely takes away the stretch reflex of the muscles and really makes you work hard coming out of the bottom position of a squat.

I keep the reps around 1-5 reps on these, I don’t see the need or purpose for high rep pause squats.

So this week I have started to add Pause Squats to my training.


Here are 5 Benefits Of Pause Squats

1. They will improve your depth on squats (this is the main reason I am doing them).

2. They will help improve mobility of the calves/ankles/hips/spine & more.

3. They will build confidence coming out of the bottom of a squat

4. Improved Back, Core, Legs & Glute Strength

5. Improve Mental Toughness Under The Bar

If you are looking to improve your squats, hip and squat mobility, strength, and confidence in a squat add some Pause Squats to your training you will be glad that you did.

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