5 Simple Tips For A Stronger Sumo Deadlift

5 Simple Tips For A Stronger Sumo Deadlift

Tonight coaching one of my students I got to teach the Sumo Deadlift.

It was a lady that started with me training wise because she had back pain and one of the best exercises to reduce your back pain is  conventional deadlifts and learning a proper hinge, but that’s another post.

When it comes to the Sumo Deadlift you have to rely on technique.  You can’t muscle a sumo the same way you can a conventional Deadlift.


Here Are 5 Simple Tips For A Stronger Sumo Deadlift


1. Get Tight

The magic word when it comes to strength is tension and learning how to “Get Tight” on a lift is important.  It’s even more important on a sumo deadlift.

The more tension you create, the stronger and safer your deadlift will be.

When talking about tension try to turn everything to stone, make your body become iron then start your lift.  Learning tension is critical for strength and reducing injuries.


2. Learn To Use Your Hips & Glutes

Sumo deadlift is a big hip movement.  Learning how to use your hips and glutes in this exercise is key.  The lower back plays a role but for sumo the strength is really in the hips and glutes.

Play around with your foot and toe position to find a position that is comfortable for you.  Try to find your sweet spot with your foot and toe position.


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3. Get Your Air

When it comes to breathing on a deadlift a simple way of breathing on your deadlift is simply this, if the bar is moving your not breathing.

The more advanced you get in your set up and creating tension the more you can vary your breathing to fit your style.

Some like big breaths, some like sip breathing, some do nose and mouth breaths, there are endless ways to do this.  The key is finding one that works for you.


4. Push The Ground Away

When deadlifting think more of pushing the ground away from you and less about picking the weight off the ground.

Learning to push the ground away will give you a stronger tighter deadlift.  Using this external cue is a great way to get stronger and use leg drive on your deadlift.


5. Hips Into The Bar

Once the bar crosses your knees immediately lock them and drive your hips into the bar.

Another way of doing this is to think “Hump The Bar” :).

Learning how to lock your quads and drive your hips into the bar will improve your lockout (something I have personally had to work on a lot in my own training).


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Give these 5 Sumo Tips a try and if you enjoyed this blog post please “Like” & “Share”.



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