Janet Martin – Power Lifting Grandmother

Janet Martin – Power Lifting Grandmother

Janet Martin – Power Lifting Grandmother

Janet has been one of our long term members at HeavyWeights Training Center.  She started with our Ripped In 42 program, then Strong Her In 42  and has progressed from there.

For as long as I can remember I have believed that lifting HeavyWeights, eating good healthy food, setting goals, getting your goals and always trying to improve and get stronger are things we teach at HeavyWeights.

It has made me so happy to see her progress and to see her accomplishments.

I reached to Janet and asked her to share her story.


On November 3, 2012, at the age of 53, I walked through the doors of Heavyweights Gym for the first time, and for me it was a life saver as well as a life changer.

I was at my heaviest at that time, and had been that weight for many years.

My daughter, Allison, convinced me to come to an orientation and sign up for Ripped in 42.   So I did, and I went into it asking myself, am I going to be able to stick to this for 6 weeks?  But I did stick to it and I lost 26lbs and 17″.  There is no doubt in my mind that I stuck to it because of the atmosphere and encouragement at HW.  I felt very comfortable and welcome there. I felt then, and I still feel, Rob and Danielle have created a place where people can be themselves and feel at home.   For That I thank them because for me, it was a game changer.

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Janet Martin



When my daughters were young girls, I learned that my biological mother died of a massive coronary at the early age of 54.  So for years, I was going through life, overweight, and counting the years I had left, knowing that I was probably at risk of dying young, like my mother.  I was the fat kid in school, and growing up and into adulthood, I tried many things to lose weight. I had high normal blood pressure, so the doctor put me on blood pressure medication.  It was a small dose, but I had to be on it nonetheless.  If things were going to change, I had to make the commitment.



Working out at HW, I began to realize I had strength that I did not know I had.  In November 2013, I did my first regional powerlifting competition just to see what I could do.  I squat 137.5lbs and deadlift 242lbs.  I did a second competition and bombed completely because of mobility issues.  Since then, with the guidance of my coach and the support from HW, in October of 2014, I qualified for the National Powerlifting competition that was held here in April 2015. Since my first competition, I have added 100lbs to my squat and 72 lbs to my deadlift and dropped down a weight category. Being the oldest female competing in NL, I was the only one in my age and weight category.  That pretty well meant that I was a shoe in for the Gold Medal and a spot on Team Canada.  I wanted to work for the spot and prove that I deserved it.

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I set my sights on breaking the squat record, which I did by squatting 237.6lbs.  I also set my sights on breaking the two year old deadlift record which was 265lbs. I broke the record with my first lift of 297.5, then went on to lift 308, and then 313.5, breaking the original record by almost 50 lbs.  So at the age of 56, a year and a half after I started lifting, I am going to compete in the 2015 International Powerlifting Federation Classic World Championship in Finland this coming June, and I now feel that I have earned my spot on the team.  What an experience this is going to be.  All this is thanks to HW.  At a box gym, I would not even think to try something like this, and I would never have stuck with the same boring stuff. I just know where I belong, thanks to Rob, Danielle,  the coaches and staff for creating such a supportive atmosphere.

Janet Martin Squat At PowerLifting Nationals

Posted by Heavyweights Training Center on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

BTW, blood pressure meds have been cut in half, and will likely be cut out all together, plus in a grip test, I rated higher than average for a woman my age, and a bone density scan showed that I am at a very low risk for breaks or fractures.  Don’t think if you are over 50 you can’t do it, and if you are under 50, if I can do it, you can.  You owe it to yourself to take care of your body.





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