Welcome to Rob King’s Fitness Blog!

Welcome to Rob King’s Fitness Blog!

Every Monday I plan to update this blog and bring you the best information on Fitness, Business & Lifestyle.

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  • carlos

    hey rob please help me! i just got weaker on my bench press because i wasnt allowed to lift weights for a week because i got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out last wednesday and now its been almost a week and my max is 190 but today i couldnt even bench press 175 twice please help me!!!!!!!!!! im so frustrated right now

    what supplements do you recommend for me? i was thinking about using pink magic but i wanted to ask you first

  • Adam W

    That supplement guide is great. Throw us hockey players a bone and show us some specialized stuff

  • Rob King


    Great Idea! I will do it in the new year ok! keep an eye for my email and blog updates but I will do this for sure!