Advanced Muscle Development AMD 2.0 In Action

Advanced Muscle Development AMD 2.0 In Action

I hope you are doing well!  Please e-mail me at robkingfitness @ and let me know how your training is going ok (Yes that is my real email and YES I want to help you :).

I am a hurting unit this morning after a killer circuit training workout last night and also a crazy back workout.  More on that next week (I have some cool training videos which I am very proud of), but in the meantime check out the name of the workout I had for my 6 Week Ripped In 42 Transformation class last night, this is just awesome.

Even though I have been training for almost 20 years now (Sh*t I am getting OLD), one thing still remains, I can’t get enough of good information related to getting stronger, bigger and faster.  I read about 50 different blogs and usually 1-2 good books a week.  I am literally addicted, which is great because in turn I can pass on to you anything I feel is really worth your time.

There is a new program coming out that I am VERY excited about.  It’s called AMD 2.o (Advanced Muscular Development 2.0). and this product isn’t your typical boring 3 sets of 12 reps BS that we see in every single freakin magazine these days :).

Smitty and his crew KNOW THEIR SH*T.  This is the real deal and I strongly recommend you check out this video they are offering to get an idea as to what TRUE strength training is all about.  These guys know their stuff.

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I work with a lot of clients with my gym Bushido and also via online coaching and the guys at AMD are doing things right.  Check out this video it’s worth watching

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Watch as Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Jim “Smitty” Smith takes UFC fighter, Pat Audinwood through an entire AMD 2.0 workout.

In this brand new free video, you’ll see exactly…

  • How to warm up correctly for maximum performance
  • Activation tips to switch on your muscles for peak power output
  • How high efficiency programing leads to faster results
  • Rehab exercises to eliminate injuries
  • And more…

This workout video is 16 minutes long, is full of immediately usable information, and best of all … it’s FREE. Just tell me where to send it and it’s yours.

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Hope you enjoy this & it helps you!


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