Globe Gripz Review

Globe Gripz Review

Globe Gripz Review

I love training toys.  My newest training toy that I use in my own training and with my students is Globe Gripz.

Thanks to the team at Globe Gripz for sending me a pair of their Globe Gripz for review.  I have been using them in my training and testing them out.  So far I love them.

They can be attached to any dumbbells or bars and can increase the variety of your training immensely.


Globe Gripz Benefits:

Increased Grip- Unique all-digit thick-grip for increased grip requirement during almost any exercise. Great for adding variety too.

Reduce Joint Discomfort – Adopt an EZ-Grip or Neutral-Grip on a straight bar to reduce respective strain on the wrists or shoulder complex.

Improve Sports Performance – Use your favored pitching/ bowling grip to perform sports-specific weighted exercises. Popular for grappling-style (MMA) work.

Other benefits include: improving wrist strength, greater exercise variation, reduced wrist strain, reduced shoulder discomfort in neutral grip, improved sports training regarding pinching and gripping (mma, judo, bjj etc).



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Check out their website at

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