Just got in my Fat Gripz!

Just got in my Fat Gripz!

Well yesterday I got in my order of Fat Gripz for Bushido and my own training.

Fat Gripz

If you aren’t familiar with them they basically make your bar thicker! Pretty simple hey. But in doing this it requires more bicep and forearm recruitment while training and also really improves overall grip strength.

If you arms are a weak part (as mine are) these will really improve muscle growth, and they are fantastic for improving grip for martial arts as the forearm and upper arm are thicker than most traditional bars and grips in the gym.

I will get some videos tomorrow AM and post them up. I am very excited to get these rotated in my workouts!

Charles Poliquin On Fat Gripz

Charles Poliquin On Fat Grip

“At the Poliquin Strength Institute and in all gyms I have consulted for, thick handle dumbbells are a staple purchase. However, they are not cheap by any means and, of course, you can only find them in top notch training centers. But there is an alternative: FAT GRIPZ. They are tough as hell and fit on any regular weight training equipment better than anything else I have ever seen. Now you have no excuses for sporting your weak eleven-teen inch arms! To get your own pair go to fatgripz.com”

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– Charles Poliquin, trainer of over 400 Olympic athletes, Olympic medallists in 17 different sports and numerous bodybuilders and stars of the NFL and NHL

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  • Blair Carter

    Hey Rob, I got the Fat Gripz at heavyweights and have seen some great results in grip strength over the past two weeks. Both me and my training partner use these for just about every workout whether its push or pull. If your serious about increasing your grip strenth and building big forearms, these are the key. Thanks for your help Rob.


  • I have both fat gripz and grip4orce both are good but if your looking to build more grip strength grip4orce is the answer. I have both resistance, regular and stiff and the stiff on arm day is crazy. So for just looking to get more muscle activation grip4orce is the one.

  • Rob King

    Thanks Jessie

    I am very happy with the fat gripz but ill check the grip4orce ones as well.