Product Review – Xtend by Scivation

Product Review – Xtend by Scivation

This is one of my favorite products that I have been using for about 2 years now!

Xtend - Scivation

I have been using it primarily as a recovery drink more so than muscle building.  However it is a solid product for both recovery AND Building Muscle!

Some benefits of Xtend are

  • Improved Muscle Recovery
  • Decrease in DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Building Lean Muscle
  • Improving muscle retention on low cal diets.

I have used all flavors but my personal favorites are Blue Raspberry & WaterMelon.

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  • JQ

    Extend is a great product! I recommend it to anyone who asks me what they should take when they begin to train hard. Some people are detered by the price, however the price is misleading. It may be “expensive” but it last a very very long time. Small scoopes and proper usage make it a great bang for your buck. Watermelon + Yellow Gatorade is great. Grape is also delicious. Thats all ive tried thus far.

  • Henry Hussey

    Hey Rob,
    Quick question Ive read some reviews on this product before just wondering what time you would consider best to take this, i’ve read that its best to drink it during workout when your vascular dilation is at the biggest.
    Besides that you turned me onto this product over the summer and I will never turn back, great product for someone who likes to train a lot and hard. Muscle soreness actually was cut in half.

  • Rob King

    The “ideal” times is pre/during/post. However dont get too caught up with that.

    I use it DURING & POST with weights as it doesnt bother my stomach. but if doing hard cardio, a hard class or something I just take it after as I find it easier to drink water or gatorade and i find anything too strong taste during my workouts doesn’t settle with me. but thats just me.

    Anywhere around your workout time is good.

    Post workout with some frozen berries and a banana or something is ideal for post workout recovery.

    If you have a fast metabolism just add in more carbs.

    Right now i take about 25g Xtend and 50g of berries post workout.

  • Great video Rob, I couldn’t agree more Xtend is an awesome product. I like to have it prior to training as pure BCAA’s are absorbed very rapidly.

  • Wince

    Great product Rob and I too agree that the flavors you are holding are outstanding. For the past number of years I have been using this product regularly and I can honestly say it has helped with my recovery. I mix it with water prior to working out and about mid way through my workout I begin to sip on it and continue post workout. It is a staple supplement product in my cupboard. That reminds me I will be in to see you soon to replenish my Xtend.
    Keep up the posts Rob I enjoy the reviews.

  • Mark

    For anyone who hasn’t tried it… blue raspberry.

  • john burgess

    I just started using extend. I use it during and post workout. Hope it lives up 2 all the hype.

  • Pawel from Ottawa

    Personally I found Xtend a little “weak” and a waste of my money … My personal preference became Dymatize Xpand which if started with 1L of water just prior to and then during your workout gives you an awesome, powerful workout, as well as all the post workout benefits of BCAAs (5g per 1 scoop) … in addition to 5g of BCAAs, it also contains 5g of various Creatines, 3.5g of Arginine, 2.5g of Beta Alanine and 3.9g of Mental Focus Matrix which takes your workouts to an HNL! (hole-notha-level; MadTV quote lol)

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