Six Pack Bag Review

Six Pack Bag Review

Six Pack Bags are an amazing meal planning system. It has everything you need to make planning your nutrition easy!

I wish I had this years ago when I was competing and I LOVE using it!

– Take your meals on the go
– Seperate Compartments
– Area for Supplements
– Area on sides for fruit and shakers
– Comes with area for freezer packs

Six Pack Bags – A review of an AWESOME Meal System Bag.

This is an awesome product IF you are serious about your Nutrition!

– Take your meals on the go
– Seperate Compartments
– Area for Supplements
– Area on sides for fruit and shakers
– Comes with area for freezer packs


6 Pack Fitness is an innovative health and fitness lifestyle company.

A fitness lifestyle takes discipline and dedication, especially for our on the go generation. That’s why we use smart designs, education and cutting-edge fitness methodology to help health-conscious people everywhere-from bodybuilders to after-work gym goers-meet their fitness goals. We create functional, attractive products and apparel for serious minded athletes on the street and in the gym.

A fitness lifestyle is more than a chiseled physique; it has the power to transform our bodies and inspire our minds, resulting in a longer, happier, healthier life. We’re committed to spreading this message through our products and insider recommendations, one 6-Pack body at a time.

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Join the ranks and live the 6-Pack lifestyle!

Benefits Of Six Pack Bags

  • Quality Meal System – Makes planning your meals easy
  • Superior Quality
  • Storage Units For Meals
  • Storage Area For Supplements/Vitamins
  • Storage Area for Shakes & Fruit
  • Area for Ice Packs

By far the best bag for meals! For more info check out

Six Pack Bags Official Site —->

Six Pack Bags on Heavyweights —>–3-Pack_p_533.html

I wish I had Six Pack Bags Meal System years ago.  This product is fantastic and I can’t give it a high enough rating.  It’s a solid product, buy one and you are set!

Hope this review of Six Pack Bags helped you!

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  • Andrew Power

    That looks sick! Hope I can win it!

  • James

    I think one of these bags would really help me organize my daily meals better 🙂

  • Phil

    I could use this because I am the worst meal planner on the planet, leaving everything till last minute when I know I will be away for meals and then regretting not having healthy meals prepared and with me

  • Lesley Gaulton

    The hardest thing for me to keep on track with is the healthy eating. Between subbing during the day and work at Fog City at night sometimes I have to pack a HUGE lunch bag packed with snacks, lunch and even supper. This Six Pack Bag makes it look like it would make my food organization (and life) a whole lot easier! 😉

  • Billy drover

    This bag will really help me pack my lunches when I am away at work

  • Comeee On noww rob! hook a brother up with anotherr bag ; ) im a big boy i gotta eatt hahah

  • Looks like an excellent product Rob!

  • Rob Collins

    I could totally use one of these. I’m turning into a tupper wear fanatic as well, containers just everywhere, so this could really help me out. Hope to win it.
    Good luck to everyone else as well.

  • Ryan

    Okay, I’m a full-time student and train in MMA, this would mean the world for me! plz

  • eric

    Time to have a feench canadian win a prize Rob !! Keep up the great tips..really helpfull !

  • Grant

    that product looks awsome i need to get myself one of those!!!!

  • Andrew

    Seems pretty awesome, especially seeing as you endorse it so emphatically. Wondering how well it worked as a cooler bag or if you really need a fridge for the chicken breasts and rice 😉

  • Kathy Newman

    I am DYING for one of these bags!! Going to work and school in the same day or Craig going to the firehall for 10-12 hours can really sabotage the diet! With this bag we could finally get organized and have our 6 meals laid out for the day. Such a DEADLY product!

  • Duncan

    This product looks amazing, but not surprised Rob has brought in this product. Heavyweights is full of many amazing supplements, bags, information, everything! This would definitely be a very useful product for anybody who is looking to be serious in terms of fitness and looking to improve their meals! Rob is the go to guy for all of your fitness necessities, with the best staff, products and prices!

  • James Fiddler

    Looks and sounds awesome! I should totally win one of these. Not only because I would actually use it, but also because Rob, you, sir, are epic.

  • I am a professional swing set installer and I’m out all day which makes it very hard to carry a lot haRd to take my meals with me. I don’t have enough storage for my
    Protein, meals, water, supplements, etc.
    This would be perfect for me.

  • Joshua Parsons

    Hi Rob!
    I think what your doing is great! and thank you for e-mail me back when i have questions about bodybuilding or any other ones. I hope you pick me for this Six Pack Bag, and thanks for helping me towards my fitness goals 🙂

  • Brandi

    Well…as I type this I’m munching on a rice krispy treat. Basically my eating habits are horrible, especially when I’m not in the house. So this would help me plan and pack my to go meals. Thanks

  • Cory

    Hi Rob, looks like an awesome bag! I would love to win one. Right now I’m lugging a little Coleman cooler around. It looks ridiculous, and it’s a pain in the ass to rummage through, and I have to carry my shakers and bottles in a separate bag. There’s my sob story. My fingers are crossed. Looking forward to your next post. Thanks

  • Mark Taccone

    “I think the designer of this product was very clever at creating this useful tool for meal planning. I think without a doubt, nutrition is 100% of the individuals fitness plan whether it’s fat loss, muscle building, body conditioning and so on. This new product is a great way to put your planned meals for storage, and this will help you stay consistent! You know, you can have the best workout programs, have the best meal plans, join the best gym with the best equipment, but if you are not consistent it’s all worthless!

  • Tom Bedford

    Awesome Rob, helping me to maintain and look great, feeling healthy, loving the bag and your products “made for me”!!!!!


  • Susan

    Hi Rob!
    I am new to the fitness industry, I competed in 3 shows last year, and made it into this years issue of Inside Fitness Top 100 Hot and Fit.. This product hit the shelves in Winnipeg a few months ago.. instantly it had my attention.. the price tag blew me away.. Im in love with this sport.. however it isn’t a cheap hobby.. The Six Pack bag will make the difference this year for me!! To have everyone in one spot, on hand, and organized.. My dieting wont have to suffer.. My meal success is in your hands 😉
    Thank you!!

  • linda

    love to have this,,

  • david andrade

    hey rob, thanxs for having this contest in giving away these bags i hope i get one because i can see these bags are an awesome tool in keeping my meals orginized because i will be very very soon be working as a nursing assistant and i will have very little time to eat healthy at work. So if i had this bag i would be able to keep my healthy meals in one bag. I am transforming my body and this bag will help me so much in this transformation. Thanxs again for giving this opportunity to get one of these bags.

  • Melville Green

    This would be an ideal compliment to six pack I currently carry around with me everywhere : )

  • John

    Rob bro, i dont know but with out you i wouldn’t be where i am right now. Right now im at top of my fitness and i couldn’t of done it without you. All i wanna say is thank you for your tips and your such an inspiration i wouldn’t look how i look right now (cuz of you i get girls now lol) but enough of that; if i actually get this six pack machine it would just make my dreams come true and with your help i can accomplish this dream. But even if i don’t win it its okay cuz i still got this kick-ass body to thank for lol! Well hope you consider me getting this six pack machine, thanks for your time and bye.

  • Chris

    Being in the RNC cadet program I have a load of long days where I lug around the largest and most ridiculous looking lunch tin with me wherever I go. Its edges are all frayed and I have had to put a couple of patches on in since it tears with all the weight of the containers I put in it each day. Everyone gets a kick out of how stupid I look walking around with it, but what can you do when you want to bring your planned meals with you rather than eating fast food every day?
    With the six pack bag I would be able to carry all the food I need, and look stylin’ at the same time. I need this lunch tin Rob.

    ps:I would like to tell you how awesome you are.



  • Rob King

    27 comments..amazing! Keep em coming!

  • David Hash

    That meal planner is incredible. I would love to win it. Put my name in for the draw, please.

    Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know I really enjoy all of your comments and helpful tips and suggestions. I also love the reviews and videos of supplements of what works and what is garbage. Very helpful indeed. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next e-mail with the next awesome piece of advice. Take care and all the best.

  • Roger

    So cool, my friend got one, i want one. Working on the road, client to client, i need this…


  • Thomas Hayward

    Would love to win this bag, getting back into the swing of things and this would only help my routine. Good Luck to all!

  • Shawn

    Hey Rob whats shaken buddy, I got one of these a couple months ago only it’s the large one which is slightly too big but man I must say it takes the pain out of the “ass” literally! I must admit very ingenious! in fact my wife liked it so much she wants me to hook her up with a small one. I gotta hand it to ya Rob; willing to hand out one of these Bad Boys for free that just puts you Especially at the top of the AWESOME Scale!! 8D **Robs the King Baby**

  • Tom O’Rourke

    Hi Rob,

    This would be an awesome tool for me. I have just started on Vince Delmonte and Lee Hayward’s 21 days muscle building program and the whole 6 meals a day thing is great- it’s just hard to organise when I’m at work all day… I always prepare my meals the night before but it’s hard to keep organised- to have an all-in-one pack would be the perfect solution for me! The only problem for me is, at 21 years old, I don’t have much disposable income at all (most goes on rent and food/supplements) so I would have to save up for one of these!

  • Kerilynn

    These bags looks pretty awesome. I’m always complaining about trying to organize my packed lunches, and how I can never fit everything in my tiny lunch bag! It is definately hard to eat healthy when you have to pack lunches every day. I bet these bags are really great to have!

  • Jason Brenton

    Hey Rob. Nice Review and Great Idea. This was on my christmas list but didn’t show up under the Tree. It’s simple, practical ideas like this that help so much in keeping your Diet in check while you work an office job. I am really getting tired of carrying multiple grocery bags to work everyday just to fuel my body.
    I am currently doing a fitness program and this would help me out so much.
    I really like how you try to help everyone out the best you can and everyone loves Freebies.

  • Matt

    I would like to start by saying, Rob YOU ARE AWESOME!

    I work shifts and always pack my meals. I don’t have to tell you how much of a pain in the arse that can be. The Six Pack Meal System will make that pain go away and who would I have to thank? Awesome Rob King of course!

    Thanks for the excellent product reviews.

    Keep up the AWESOME work!


  • Carol drover

    This bag will most Defently make my meal planning and packing 10x easier then it ever was

  • Samanatha earle

    A 6 pack bag will make it easier for me to stay ontop of my nutrition when I am at work. Packing a healthy meal will give me the energy for the day and for my workouts and that’s hard to do in a brown bag lol

  • Chris Murphy

    I’m so sick of spilling protein shakes in my bag. These bags are a great idea.

  • Misel Jeddore

    I ant one :0

  • Sharon

    Hi I think this is a super product… for shift workers and busy minded people who require structure to meet their goals……pick me

  • jamie smith

    This looks like everything I need in a lunch bag! Winning this will help me in many ways on reaching my goals. I use a lunch bag 5 days a week and always wanted something that I could carry all my food and supplements in and now Rod did this by bring it into his store. Rob is by far the best supplement dealer in town, always the first to get new product in and carries nothing the the best in supplements. This is a supper tight lunch box and with any luck Wed i will be the proud owner to one of the best ideas ever made.

  • Barry

    The perfect solution to carrying around bags of containers and bottles of water.

    Thanks Rob for carrying and bringing to our attention another wonderful product.


  • Terence

    Hi Rob I could use this meal system bag I’m always on the go and have to carry around grocery bags with my meals in them or 2 or 3 of those small lunch bags

  • Jennifer

    I think this product is amazing, and since I am ready to start training to compete it would help me out a lot. I hope I win it and that it’s just as awsome as you are Rob 🙂

  • John Jeddore

    because i hate carrying around a bunch of tupperware containers and shakers in my bookbag lol

  • Jennifer Gaudon

    YOU ARE AWESOME ROB………………..please, please pick me, pick me……….I saw the bad at your store this Saturday and totally feel in love with the “pink” one…………..would be a great asset to have.

  • Mason

    i think this product would be amazing to have to plan out my meals and keep my dieting and exercise goals on track

  • Kory Waterman

    This looks like a great product! Would be perfect for me to take my lunch and supplements to work and school.

  • Matt Tiger

    Hi Rob! My girl friend just got one of these…in pink so i can’t use it!!! It is awesome! Extremely convenient! It is a must for any bodybuilder/fitness guru/gym rat. Wish I had one. 😉

  • Ray Bursey

    This would make my eating on the road (and at work) so much less complicated than it is now. Would help me get back into my former shape!

  • Shannon

    These look awesome!!! I can’t find my plastic ghostbuster lunchbox so I need a new one.

  • Vanessa

    This looks awesome! I’d love to have it 🙂

  • Bonita Brenton

    I have recently started the Vince DelMonte program with my husband to lose some of my “baby weight” (even though my baby is now 2 1/2!!) So, it’s been a long time coming and I hope to make it work this time!! I could really use this lunch bag to take my new lunches to work in. It would be a great organizer for me.

  • curtis

    This looks like an awesome product! Being a personal trainer and always on the go this will or would help out greatly!!

  • Tom Dobbins

    I work constrution and alot of times go right to the gym after work. The six pack bag system would help me stay on top of my nutrition at work, and also pre and post workout. I tried to pick one up around Christmas, but they were sold out. Now work has slowed down, and money is tight. I could REALLY use this bag. ROB YOU REALLY KICK ASS (and I’m not just saying that because I want to win, I really mean it)!! First you helped me with my supplements, next you helped by recommending the Muscle Cooks Anabolic Cookbook, and finally by giving by great advice and keeping me entertained on Facebook. I would recommend you to anyone, keep up the great work. Thanks, Tom Dobbins

  • Chris Coffin

    That looks awesome,would love to have something like that,especially for work i lack good nutrition there and that would be perfect to take to work..It’s something you can take anywhere and always have a good healthy lunch/meal.Your always coming up with great idea’s and gettin great and new products,don’t ever stop man,you’ve helped me alot in the past few years with great da man

  • Craig Duke

    It would be great for work!! ;0)

  • Dustin

    just want to start by saying, rob…you’re awesome! This looks like a great product and i would love to have one instead of eating all my work lunches out of a grocery bad.

  • Candace

    Is it too late to win the bag?? I seen these at the Arnold last year when it was just a prototype in the making… We came home and immediately looked online to try to find them but at this point they weren’t yet in production. Then one day Andrew came home with the six pack… “Where did you get that?!?!?!” And of course, Heavyweight’s was the answer. I’ve told everyone ever since because they are FANTASTIC! And By the way, need I remind you, I think you’re so awesome that I couldn’t even wait for you to get back into the shop to see you, I had to meet you as soon as you stepped off the plane!!! Just sayin….

  • Rob King

    And the winner is….. Candace!!!

    Candace contact me! Only thing I need is a pic of you at Heavyweights holding your NEW FREE SIX PACK BAG!