Feb Q n A

Feb Q n A

I get asked a LOT of questions daily so I have crated something that will benefit everyone!  So if you have any questions ASK ME ANYTME I will do my best to help you.

Blog Q n A Feb 2010

From Ryan

Hey Rob

“As we talked about earlier. I need some work on my chest and pretty much need a good workout routine. Im open to anything for that. But the big problem is the fat, I don’t eat fish but I pretty much eat everything else.

Usual day is ceral (oat meal crisp) / salad (no dressing) / sandwich with 12 grain and sliced deli meats/ proten shake/ and finally at night usually some kind of meat with carbs. Like tonight pork with sweet potatoes and green beans.

Im eating healthy but i need to shed off this fat. So any help would be awesome!”

Hey Ryan,

From the sounds of how much you train vs how little you eat my guess is your under eating. I know that sounds crazy but its true. You want to turn your body into a engine that goes through a ton of food. good food, and gets the metabolism way up.

When you under eat and train a lot your body metabolism literally slows! Goes against everything you are trying to do!

Because we are essentially cave men, whenever our body thinks we are going through any famine it HOLDS ON TO stored energy (aka fat) like crazy to keep us warm and alive. However, since we don’t live in caves anymore (well in Newfoundland our winters turn our houses into caves lol), we have to trick our body. To do this you need to eat, and eat a LOT.

Right off the start try this:
  • AM Breakfast Oatmeal with scoop protein powder, 1 teaspoon natural peanut butter OR Omlette with veggies. serving of fish oil
  • Lunch Salad with a big protein source. Chicken, Tuna etc Serving of fish oil
  • Snak 1-2 handfuls of mixed nuts.
  • Pre Workout Sandwhich with deli meats (keep in mind this is a poor choice but we can fix this when everything else is fixed.
  • Post workout (Very impt) 25g BCAA, Creatine, Mixed Berries, Banana
  • After this CUT ALL CARBOHYDRATES. Just go with caveman diet! Lean Meats & Greens ok. As much as you want. Stir fry, steak and greens, salad and meat. but NO carbs. but be sure to add in more fish oil.
I would also try to add in 1-2 scoops of protein powder as I still consider this low calorie for someone who is training a lot.
With regards to certain muscle groups AKA Chest in your situation sometimes there are lagging muscle groups.

Throw in some heavy benching once a week. i love push ups etc but no one got huge pecs from push ups. Add some heavy single arm dumbell presses followed by some explosive plyo push ups. this should help a ton!

Joel Eppinghaus

hey dude! what do you think of the creatine product by AllMax.. CREMAGNAVOL ?

looking into it, cant find to much about it other than there fancy promotion website for it.. lol

hope you can give me some information about it !


Hey Joel,
To be honest I am not “up” on the new All max line, i know they must have hired the same marketing team as MuscleTech from the looks of it ahah!!

Personally I am using Purple K & Jack3d and going to soon try Con Crete and give that a go.   I will have to look into the All Max line more for sure.

Leslie O`Reilly wrote: (Les is a old friend of mine that actually helped me start Heavyweights back in 1998!!!)

Hey buddy,
Hope things are going well.
Been working out steady now for ~1.5 months (loving it) and have a couple of questions.
Do those ‘fatgripz’ actually work (saw them on your site)
I’m taking Muscle Milk post workout – what do you think of that?
I’m useing myoplex bars – are they ok?
What fatburner should I take – that won’t freak me out 🙂
Thanks pal,

Hey Les,

Nice hearing from ya man!  Glad to hear things are going well.  You with a few months training is a scary thought! Lol

“Do those ‘fatgripz‘ actually work (saw them on your site)”

LOVE THEM.  They are amazing,.  makes the workouts far more challenging.  Trust me they are well worth the cost and then some.  makes arm work, back work & even benching way harder!

“I’m taking Muscle Milk post workout – what do you think of that?”

Fantastic product.  A bit high in fat but its not bad fats overall and the taste of muscle milk is unreal.  Can’t go wrong with that.

“I’m using myoplex bars – are they ok?”

Good quality bars, i just wasnt a huge fan of the taste.  I prefer Muscle Milk bars personally.  but any good protein bar will do

“What fatburner should I take – that won’t freak me out :)”

Depends really.  Did you want to avoid stimulants altogether or go with something mild?  IE you can use LOTS of Nutrasea fish oil with 3-5 Green tea a day and then use no fat burners.
But if you wanted a fat burner that is not really strong M Power from Rivalus is a great product, or even go with Zero Stim from ALRI which wont freak you out!


Lee Richards wrote:

Hi Rob,

I have a quick question (i’m sure you get a lot). I’m taking the following:
  • EAS Protein 3 times a day which includes post workout
  • Superpump 30-45 mins before workout
  • xtend during and after workout
  • purple k 30min before workout and within 1 hour after workout.
I also take a multivitamin once a day and drink lots of water. Just wondering if it fine to use purple k with superpump as superpump has creatine in it as well?
Any other suggestions on what I could take as a supplement or diet to improve on what i’m taking right now.


Hey Lee,

Anytime man!

I would take the Purple K after training as superpump should have enough creatine.  Or one better take Purple K in the AM with breakfast then again after training.  Use superpump before you train.

Otherwise sounds good.   Add some mixed frozen berries with your BCAA’s after you train.  Frozen berries are cheap and go a long way for anti oxidants, recovery & good sugars!

Hope this helps!

Kyle Pardy

Hey Rob,

I have just recently finished an 8 week bulk prior to christmas and now i am attempting to lean down for my hockey playoffs and golf season, and of course the beach haha.
I have started an ECA stack but not really enjoying it. I am limiting carbs and sugars as best I can but struggle to find healthy good meals that can fill me up and keep me going. Any good meal ideas or cutting supplements you would reccomend? any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey Kyle

Any reason you didn’t like the ECA? The side effects?

Limit the carbohydrates but dont limit the CALORIES. Bump up the protein, EFA’s & the greens/veggies.

It is a challenge with the meals. I find it hard as well. You just need to try to prepare. I eat a lot of those full chickens and bags of greens like easy to microwave broccoli and salads etc. But IF you can cook 2 nights a week and get your food ready that is ideal.

Cook a ton of lean meats etc and just throw them in containers and your good to go.

There are lots of good cook books out there on healthy meals Ill try to dig some up in a future blog post. I hate cooking all the same so most stuff I buy is simple and easy.

For fat loss, be sure the Nutrition is sound, make your training more complex based instead of normal bodybuilding type workouts, and for supplements be sure to get a GOOD EFA. For thermogenics I really like Lipo 6 Black & ALRI’s line Poison or HyperDrive.

Hope this helps!


Joey Bignell

hey rob…i was dropped over to heavyweights a couple weeks ago and bought some suppliments for myself to start getting back into going to the gym, but damn ive been having a hard time getting motivated to go everyday….do u have any tips or info on how to get motivated and not lose interest?! if u do it would help me alot! lol…haha

thanks, Joey

Hey Joey,

Dont go everyday! I found takin a day or two off motivated me to train/rest more.

Also get a goal. Some people are very goal oriented. If you dont have a goal maybe you dont have the same drive to train. Personally i love working out all the time, but when I have a goal i love it that much more!

Set a goal to add 10lbs in 2 months or improve your squat. Something you consider important and make that your goal!

From Adam

I heard when taking a weight gainer its good to still take a protein supplement. I was planning on trying this but was wondering what order or time of day would you recommend taking these? or do you think that would be bad idea to do this? anything you could tell me would be appreciated. thanks.


Hey Adam,

Yes you can use both and here is how I would do it.

Take your protein supplement in the AM and take it again before bed.  This will minimze the times without food when you sleep.

Take your weight gainer POST WORKOUT.  Add in some frozen mixed berries and a banana and way to go!  You can use weight gainer for breakfast if you want, the only time to avoid it is before bed as really you don’t need ALL those carbohydrates before bed time.  You want high protein high EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) before bed.  Not carbohydrates.

So you can do both for sure.

From Tim

Jack3d is this supplement bad for you? i just bought some and i’m now thinking of giving it away…. it has 1 3 dimethylamylamine. thats the only ingredient i’m not so sure about. any recommendations? the reason i ask is because i went to the gym the other day on this stuff and my decline went up around 200 pounds, no joke! i’m 19 years old and weight 180.
By the way i liked your alternative to bench press, there was once a machine called a jammer with the same movement, but i haven’t seen one of those in a long time, so thank you.

Hey Tim,

I don’t consider anything “Bad” for you depending on how you use it.

IE Iron can bad for you, Iron in high dosages is bad for you, Vit C can be toxic in large amounts, caffeine, etc etc.  When I did some research on 1 3 dimethylamylamine before I brought in jack3d I actually was glad it had it in it!

I think if used properly and cycled on and off (Like I recommend for ALL pre workouts) I don’t think it’s an issue at all.  But to each their own.  I really don’t worry about it because there are so many other things far worse for my body.  But keep in mind this is MY opinion and If you don’t like taking it, then simply discontinue it (However I will keep using it lol.)

I really found Jack3d made me focused, energized and just awesome overall.  I can’t judge it by strength as I don’t train really heavy anymore in that regard.  But I’m glad to hear you got such crazy gains lol!

Glad you liked the bench alternatives!  I have TONS of cool videos and training tips I will be posting so stay tuned!


From Frank Quebec

hi,my question to you is,i can only get to the gym 2 days a week,wednesday and sundays,which exercises can i do,to build a not so bad muscular body,i eat well take supplements,and protein 2 times a day,i know 3 ,4 times a week is better,but i can;t,work kills my life,can you help me,i’m also 50 years young,i also do cardio for 15 ,20 minutes 2 times a weekdo i do a whole body work out,2 times a week,or different body parts 2 times a week,please give me your best advice,

yours truly frank vinci,montreal,quebec,canada..

Hi Frank,

You can make some gains doing twice a week.  Of course 3-4 would be better but if 2 is all you can do then make the most of 2 days.
Here is what I would do, I would alternate the following workouts.

Have 6 weeks where you do 2 workouts a week doing FULL BODY WORKOUTS. IE
Standing Shoulder Press
Standing Shoulder Press
(Yes same workout I know)

Then after 6 weeks I would alternate it more to a Upper Body/Lower Body split. IE
Sunday (Upperbody)
Chin Ups
Bench Press
Shoulder Press
Curls & Tricep Extensions (Optional as the above basics should do fine really)
Wed (Lower Body)
Squats (or squat variations)
Glute Ham Raises
Stiff Leg Deads
Finish with some plyometic jumps
Hope this helps!


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  • Matt

    Hey rob, I was wondering about creatine powders. I am currently using Jack3d and synthesize in my stack and was looking at maybe throwing in Creatine powder…notsure if you can do that though? and if not, if I switched to creatine powder instead of jack3d would I see a physical difference? Just wondering your opinion.

  • Rob King

    Hey Matt

    I wouldnt bother. Jack3d and NO Synthesize has enough. I think your ok.
    IF you wanted to add more maybe some in the AM but i really don’t think its essential

    Get yourself some BCAA’s for during the workout instead of more creatine

  • nick

    hey Rob – quick question. Have you tried L-Arginine? More specifically Dr Allens Matrix ARG. The product seems very reputable but just curious as to what you think. Cheers Nick

  • Rob King

    Never tried Argnine on it’s own, but with combo products.
    Got a link for that product?

  • Matt B

    Hey rob, workout question. Right now my routine is, chest,biceps,tricps,bit of shoulders, legs and fore arm. Usually all in the same workout and no breaks between workouts. Ive been doing it a while and havent seen alot of gain. Now I am looking to break it up and do shoulders one day, biceps another, the Tri, chest and legs all on different days, i hear that is the best way to do it. I am looking for a program or book that will show me what to do on these days for the targeted areas and for workouts that will last me and hour or more.. Not sure if you know of a book or program i can get or are able to help me yourself? Thanks rob.

  • Matt

    Hey rob, looking for a new workout routine. Right now I do everything in one work out. I want to break it down to shoulders, tri, bi, chest , legs, etc on different workout days and spend more then an hour at it. Do you have or know of a book/program that would lay this out for me? Or if you are able to help me out?
    Thanks rob.