Rob's BookShelf Aug 2010

Rob's BookShelf Aug 2010

So I decided to pick up some Fitness Books and add them back into my monthly reading.

I have spent so much time recently on Fitness Business & Stuff like that I have neglected a lot of my Fitness reading.  So I decided it’s time to get back on the wagon.

Here are 3 books I am reading (I usually have 3 books going at once.  A Fitness Book, A Business Book &  Thinking Book (something philosophy or different that isn’t “work” related:P).  Sometimes I’ll throw in a Batman Comic or a copy of Inside Fitness.

This month is 3 Fitness Books

1. Simple Nutrition – Written by my buddy Craig Ballyntyne this book is AWESOME.  Simple reason is that its like a Coles Notes version for clean eating.  I am really glad I read this (just finished it as I write this).  It’s a great intro book on good ol fashion CLEAN EATING.  If you are looking for a great starting point on Nutrition for Fat Loss & Health get a copy of this book.

2. Transformation –  Written By Bill Phillips is the newest book by the Fitness Master.  I have been reading everything put out by Bill Phillips for over 10 years now.  This guy is a genius.  Although Transformation has gone very main stream (Biggest Loser Market almost) so far it is great and I can’t wait to get into it.  If you haven’t read Body For Life I suggest you go get it like right now.

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3. The Paleo Diet – Written By Loren Cordain.  I know a bit about The Paleo diet. But I don’t know enough to give any type of opinion on it, so that’s on my plate for this month.  Once I read it I hope to test some of the nutrition theories in it.

All of these are also “Nutrition” books, and as I have said in the past before I HATE Nutrtiion!  Nah, not that I hate it, It just isn’t as exciting to me as Strength Training & Supplements.  But I am trying to catch up so this month is all Nutrition Books for me.

I would really appreciate it if you can share any good books you are reading that you think would be beneficial so post em up!

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  • mike

    I dont understand Paleo at all. From what I gather it’s zero carbs outside of vegetables. Seems kind of dangerous.

  • Jeremy

    Anything by Ross Enamait is excellent for training. Definitely worth checking out his stuff.

  • Riaz

    You might find these Interesting:

    1. Bodybuilding Revealed by Will Brink

    2. Truth about Supplements Exposed by Mark Ottobre

    3. Extreme MMA Workout by Dickie White

  • also check out its a free program by the same bloke who did The Truth About Supplements