Rob’s Reccomended Reading Oct 29

Rob’s Reccomended Reading Oct 29

I usually spend a big portion of my Sunday’s reading.

Everything from Fitness Blogs, to Investing, Marketing, SEO, Small Business, the works.

Here are some of my favorite reads from this week.

Muscle Tightness : Overactive Fatigue vs. Dysfunctional Stifness – Dean Somerset  (Great read, a bit above average reading, but if you have back issues this is a must)

Online Personal Trainer Reads Of The Week – Jon Goodman (If you are a personal trainer this site is a must read)

Sandbags For Strength – (As always….awesome)

Strategies For Improving Grip Strength – Tony Gentilcore (Love it…NO STRAPS PEOPLE!)

24/7 Fat Loss – Craig Ballantyne & Joel Marion (Killer Free Read On Fat Loss, 90% of this we do with our RIppedin42 Program….enuff said :P)

The Education of Millionaires: It’s Not What You Think and It’s Not Too Late (Portfolio) -Michael Ellsberg (Read it, Read It, Read it, Read it….did I mention Read it).  I failed out of university (TWICE), this makes me understand why this was a good thing.

Getting Sh*t Done – Bedros Keulian (Great blog, great read)

The Importance Of Goal Setting – Rob King (Yes me…on my Rippedin42 blog..check it out)

That’s it for now.  So put down the damn TV Remote, crack open a book, turn on your Ipad 2, go read a paper.  TV is killing your brain remember 🙂

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