1000 lb. Weight Loss in 42 Days – Mission Accomplished

1000 lb. Weight Loss in 42 Days – Mission Accomplished

On June 30th, we set what we call a “Stretch Goal” for our “Rippedin42” members.

Every time we do a Phase 1 transformation, we usually get about 800 lbs. in weight loss in total, which is beyond amazing for just 42 days.  However, I felt the need for a challenge.  I felt a need for a “Stretch Goal.”

A “Stretch Goal” is when you set a goal, but then you set another goal a fair bit higher which just might be out of reach, but in doing so, it raises the ceiling and makes the lower goal easier to get.

The “Stretch Goal” we set for our “Rippedin42” Phase 1 members was to lose OVER 1000 lbs. in just 42 days.

Well just last week, we got our goal, and our “Rippedin42” Phase 1 members set a NEW “Rippedin42” record with the highest weight loss for a “Rippedin42” Phase 1 crew.



Here are some of our “Rippedin42” Phase 1 Transformations from Heavyweights Training Center.

These pictures are not photo edited, and are ALL real people who trained at my gym, Heavyweights Training Center.

“Rippedin42” Phase 1 pics, August 2012

[nggallery id=13]

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