Celebrate Your Victories

Celebrate Your Victories

Work Hard, Play Hard.

Words I live by, and words that we put into practice with my Rippedin42 Program.

I am a big believer for setting goals, doing your best to attain them, and then celebrating your victories.  It’s something I do and it’s something we implemented into our Rippedin42 program with incredible success.

So as I sit here, partially hung over, reflecting on what was one of, if not the most incredible results we have had yet with our members at Heavyweights Training Center.

See last night my house was opened up to my members and we partied like Rock stars (well if you call Jager Shots, Rockband, and push up challenges partying like a Rock star).

It is our tradition with Rippedin42 that at the end of the 42 days of intense training, strict nutrition and a lot of hard work and discipline that we party.  We celebrate our victories and it’s an amazing feeling.

If you don’t celebrate your victories you should.

Here is how I celebrated some of my Victories Saturday Night.

Amazing Cake From Amazing Members

Brunette Overload =  Busted

Brunette Overload Led To Me Having To Bribe Another Brunette

My Girlfriend Danielle With Chocolates & Sweets. 

This was an easy win for me after 42 days :).

But in all seriousness The Reason We Celebrate

Is Because Of The HARD WORK.

(More Rippedin42 Party Pics On My Facebook Wall)

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Our Rippedin42 members took things to a whole new level this time.  I have been coaching the Rippedin42 program for a few years now with Gill Whelan and every time we do it the results just get better and better, but this time things really exploded.

The energy in Heavyweights Training Center every workout was intense.  We train hard, but we have fun.  Every workout seemed to be their best.  Every time we challenged them they rose above and beyond.  I learned so much in the last 42 days I don’t even know where to start.

The Results

Our combined members totals were literally off the charts.  When we got the numbers we had to do a double take, we thought there was something wrong, but there wasn’t, these are real numbers and REAL RESULTS.

First off let me say that Rippedin42 isn’t a “magic” program.  There is NO SHORTCUT, there is no trick, there is no gimmick.  I am so sick of all the BS on the market now for people promoting “Weight Loss” with BS Shakes and other gimmicks.  I can say right now that Rippedin42 is built on HARD WORK & SACRIFICE.  We have turned away many people that we know were not ready to commit to the program.

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We take this program seriously and the results show.

Our returning Rippedin42 Xtreme Fat Loss group & Muscle & Strength Groups in 42 days lost a total of =>260.4 lbs.

Now the big one, I have NEVER Seen results like this from a Phase 1 Rippedin42 group EVER.

Our Rippedin42 Phase 1 members combined for a

Total Fat Loss of => 817.0 lbs.



Rippedin42 Members

In ONLY 42 Days =>1077.4

YES You Read The Correct.

1077.4 lbs of Fat Loss in 42 Days From Our Rippedin42 Members.

Looking For A Way To Lose Fat, Build Muscle & Find YOUR BEST?

Heavyweghts Training Cetner and our Rippedin42 Program.

If you live in St. John’s/Mt. Pearl Are go to www.RippedinIn42Newfoundland

But be warned doing so can be insanely ADDICTIVE Causing Fun Training, Insane Transformations, & Bringing Out YOUR BEST.


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