HWTC Transformation Laura Rowsell

HWTC Transformation Laura Rowsell

It doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is where you are going.

Meet Laura.

Laura started training with me a few months ago at my gym Heavyweights Training Center.

When Laura started, she could barely do a push-up from her knees.

She was not highly athletic.

She didn’t have great genetics.

She had to fight to learn a push-up.

I’m sure many times she wanted to quit

But she didn’t.

She lifted weights.

She trained with her team (Great job Butterflies!).

She kept sprinting, doing sled work, doing jumps, lifting weights.  Doing all the thing that work but are damn hard.

She trained like an athlete and lifted heavy weights.

She eats right, but she can have a normal life. She doesn’t live off chicken and rice (neither should you).

This is what can be done in 6 months with the right combo of training, nutrition, supplements and good ‘ol hard-work with your team.

Laura I am proud of you, great job.


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