Megan Carroll – HeavyWeights Best Transformation

Megan Carroll – HeavyWeights Best Transformation

I get the privilege to coach some amazing athletes and amazing people and one of those people is Megan Carroll.

Megan started her journey at Heavyweights Training Center with our RippedIn42 Online program (which she did twice) before getting the courage to join HWTC.

Once she joined she started with the Strong Her In 42 Program.

She excelled at this program and from there I asked her to join my Cardio Strength Elite group.

After doing this for a while Megan expressed interest that she wanted to do a Bikini show and get on stage.

From there her journey and competition began.

In the last 2 years Megan has competed in 1 Provincial Bikini show, 2 Bikini & Fitness shows away, 2 WeightlLifting Competitons, 3 PowerLifting Competitions and is now getting ready to hit the stage in 2 weeks at the NLABBA Provincials.

A fierce competitor Megan just placed 3rd in Fitness Model at the Halloween Mahyem UFE Ultimate Fitness Events show in Hamilton Ontario.

Only one week before that Megan won the 63 kg PowerLifting Division at the NL Open and also set a provincial deadlift record and qualified for the 2014 PowerLifting Nationals.

Not only is Megan a competitive athlete but she is an amazing personal trainer and coach at HWTC.

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She is bringing out the best in her clients on a daily basis.

One of the hardest working people.


To get more info on having Megan as your Personal Trainer go here ==> Megan’s Personal Training Page


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