Recapping HWTC Grad Weekend Oct 23, 24, 25 – 2013

Recapping HWTC Grad Weekend Oct 23, 24, 25 – 2013

What an amazing weekend it was.

It’s hard to capture with words, pictures and videos all the awesomeness that is HWTC Graduation weekend but I am going to do my best starting with our “Last Class – BEST CLASS” workout on Friday night.

Every Friday night before graduation day we do a huge group workout where all our members from all our programs are invited to come train with us in a charity workout.

This class our fundraising was for Daffodil place in support of cancer care and research.

This is my charity of choice because for as long as I can remember I saw my mom battle with cancer.  Growing up through grade school and high school my mom was always sick and it really left a hole in my heart that to this day I am trying to fill.

That’s all I can say before I break down.

So Friday night I was sick with a head cold and exhausted from travel but I KNEW that I had to show up and bring my best as the amazing people deserve the BEST.

Game face went on, got my focus and my energy from my team and we all turned it up making this one of our highest energy workouts yet.

The energy and team work was electric, and in the end HWTC was a room full of smiles and cheers and happy people.

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Combined we raised $1200 for Daffodil place, taking our total for the year almost up to my goal of $10,000.


After the big group workout Josh, Kevin & I got in a little full body pump workout.

We each picked 2 exercises, wrote it on the board, did it 3 times and go our workout in.

After that it was home to rest up for what would be an epic day.

At 12:30 Danielle and I headed into HWTC to walk in the doors and see the gym transformed.

Overnight from the amazing team we have at HWTC we changed the place from a gym into a celebration with balloons, places for measurements, pictures, interviews, candid pics and more.

It was incredible.

Our day consisted of getting results from our members, logging all the pounds lost and inches lost, as well getting them to “Celebrate Their Victories” sharing their results and happy moments.  For some it was becoming lighter, for others it was getting stronger and building muscle, for it always comes down to one thing, happy smiling faces.

Here are some of the results posted in our Heavyweights Inner Circle.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 7.03.29 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 7.03.05 PM  Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 7.03.54 PM

It was an amazing day and I love graduation day, it’s an incredible day for everyone from our staff to our members and volunteers.

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To check all the photos pics and videos check out my HWTC Facebook page.

[nggallery id=26]

Once all the craziness that is grad day died down it was time to get my game face on and get ready for a night of celebrating.

But first, first I had to get a workout in, and to get my game face on I had to get in Character.

So being the 185 lb 40 year old kid that I was I wanted to get in some deadlifts and pretend I was BANE.

Growing up I have always loved Batman and it has always left an impact on my life, getting to see “The Tumbler” and “The BatPod” was pretty damn amazing, but dressing up as BANE and lifting some HeavyWeights made me smile.


I had way to much  fun lifting weight while Danielle, Bobbi and a few others got ready for the HWTC Halloween Party.

If you have never been to a HWTC Grad Party they can get pretty wild, but it seems they get even wilder on Halloween (which I am totally ok with keep in mind).

Off to the party we went to celebrate with our friends and to quote BANE “Let The Games Begin“.

I won’t go into the details of the party but I can summarize in a few words.

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There was a wide variety of Super Heroes, Thing #1  & Thing #2, Pirates, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Vampires, Kevin Farrell’s Facebook Profile, A jacked Rastafarian who loves haters, Batgirl, and much much more.

[nggallery id=25]

Some of the nights events involved shots, more shots, beer bonging with GI Jane, attempting to drink throw a straw with my bane mask (epic fail), Bane Lapdances much much more fun.

Oh and I almost forget, a Dancing Evil Troll also made an appearance.

Overall it was an incredible night and I am so grateful to have such wonderful people to celebrate with.

Our next 42 day programs start November 9th.  You do NOT want to miss out on what will be an incredible 42 days and another amazing graduation day and party.  Register now by going to or check us out on Facebook at

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