Martin Rooney & Rippedin42

Martin Rooney & Rippedin42

You know you are doing BIG THINGS when your coach & mentor knows about your program’s success. ┬áSuch a thing has happened to me with “Rippedin42”!

At our Training For Warriors level II certification in Fair Lawn, New Jersey Martin Rooney kept referencing HWTC and our success with our “Rippedin42” transformations.

Here is what Martin Rooney had to say about “Rippedin42”:

Just how amazing is our “Rippedin42” program?

Well, I am trying to not sound totally arrogant but I really believe in this, and let me say it’s PRETTY DAMN AMAZING.

Here are our last Phase 1 results.

Our most recent Phase 1’s lost almost 800 lbs. in just 42 days

Rippedin42 Phase 1 April 2012 Combined Weight Loss Almost 800 lbs.

Our next “Rippedin42” Phase starts Saturday, May 7th.

You can get more information for “Rippedin42” in Newfoundland at

More information for “Rippedin42” is also online at

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