38 Wisdom Tips On Life, Training, Health & Happiness

38 Wisdom Tips On Life, Training, Health & Happiness

So as my 38th birthday comes to an end I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on my birthday and share with you some things I have learned this year that may make your life better.

I love to look back every year and use my birthday as a gauge of where I am going.  My birthday post last year was good, but this one is even better.


38 Thoughts To Make Your Life Better

1. Every day remember you ONLY LIVE ONCE. 

So I have a question for you.

What are you waiting for?

I have a tattoo on my left forearm to remind me every day that I only live once.

Memento Mori – Know Your Mortality

What would you do today KNOWING you only live once?  Pretty heavy I know, but very very important.



2. You Are Your Circle Of Influence

You are your network.  Remember that.  Whoever you hang out with, work with, train with, is who YOU ARE.

Want to be a better person, find great people to be around.  I make it a point to keep GOOD PEOPLE CLOSE TO ME.  I have done this with every aspect of my Supplement Business Heavyweights & my gym Heavyweights Training Center.

Keep good people around you and good things happen.



3. I Am Not The Same Rob King I Was Yesterday

Thank You Dax Moy

Life is not static, life changes, people change, circumstances change, You CAN’T FORCE anything.  You don’t have to be the person you were yesterday.  YOU Can be WHOMEVER YOU WANT.

Stop making excuses, stop blaming everyone and everything.  Take responsibility and become the BEST VERSION OF YOU that you can become.

Thank You Dax Moy.



4. Write Out Your Perfect Day

This is pretty heavy and most people won’t do it, but I want you to try this. Write out YOUR PERFECT DAY.  What would you do IF you could have the perfect day.

I did this a few months ago and it was very surreal.  What was even more surreal was a few months after writing it down it happened.  The hardest part is actually VISUALIZING What your perfect day is (my guess is that it’s not going to a job you hate, just saying).



5. Never Think There Is A Best Way For Anything

I get asked this question EVERY DAY.  “Rob what’s the Best Way To Eat For Fat Loss” or “What’s The Best Way To Get Bigger” etc. etc.  Here is the thing, there are MANY Ways to get results, you don’t need THE BEST, you need to FOCUS on one way and try it.  6 Meals a day works for fat loss, so does 3 meals a day, so does fasting, so does many other ways.  What matters is DOING not Thinking.


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6. Travel….Often

I grew up VERY modestly, I mean VERY.  I don’t talk about my life much, but I grew up sharing a basement apartment with 3 brothers and two sisters.  I had the best parents you could ask for.  But we had very very little. I never traveled, ever.

Once I got the chance to travel now I consider it ESSENTIAL.  I don’t waste money on brand clothing, I don’t care for “crap” like DVD’s, or STUFF.  I care for experiences.  Travel is an investment.

Travel as OFTEN as you can.  It changes your life.



7. Dream Bigger

I NEVER at any point thought I would ever own a business to the magnitude I do, I never thought I would be living my dream and doing what I do.  BUT at some point I said to myself “I can do this“, and I suspended my dis-belief and said “Fuk It” and went for it.  You HAVE TO BELIEVE you can do it.  NO ONE will make you happier or more successful in life, it’s UP TO YOU.  Man up, Dream Bigger, It’s YOUR LIFE remember.



8. Don’t Over Analyze Training & Nutrition

Here is what I see all the time, people wanting perfection. They want the perfect program, the perfect diet, and when things are perfect, they quit or give up.  You know the ones I am talking about, the Monday Morning People.  Every monday they start in FOCUSED, until Thursday, then the cycle repeats.  Don’t be that person.

Eat healthy, lift weights, sprint, do bodyweight exercises, take the basic supplements, have FUN with training, set goals, get them, set more goals.

Don’t make it more difficult then it has to be.



9. Have Less Stuff

This was VERY difficult for me. VERY.  I was a bit of a pack rat, I liked owning “Stuff” (any Fight Club Fans out there). Want to know something VERY liberating, throw out 1/2 your stuff.


Go throw out (or donate) all the stuff you Don’t Need. DVD’s, Old Clothes, Books you don’t read, magazines, and all the other STUFF you have.  THROW IT OUT.  Consider it a cleansing.  You will feel great.



10. Read More

Bottom line more than likely you spend too much time watching TV, creeping on Facebook (I am guilty as wel), checking e-mail and wasting your time (life).  Well stop it.  READ MORE.  Stop being entertained and start being educated.

Mementio IPhone App

I have kept a journal since i was in the 8th grade.  It’s funny yet amazing to go back and read what I thought was important or stressful to me in my life at certain points.

Most people won’t take 10 minutes to reflect on their lives and write.  What does that tell you?

I use Memento For Iphone now, and I Love it.



12. Treat Your Body Better Than Your House Or Car

I HATE hearing “I can’t afford that Supplement” or “It’s Expensive To Eat Healthy”.

Well guess what, you ONLY GET ONE BODY.

You can buy a new car, you can buy a new house, you can buy new clothes, but YOUR BODY IS YOURS.

Respect it, if you don’t you will pay, and all the money in the world won’t matter.  Your CAR DOES NOT MATTER.  Your HEALTH DOES.



13. Keep an open mind

Do you look at things around you with an open mind?  I have been involved in Fitness for over 20 years and I am STILL LEARNING EVERY DAY.  So should you.


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14. Look In The Mirror

Before you judge anyone, before you you make a comment on facebook, before you say something behind someones back LOOK IN THE MIRROR.  My guess is that you should think before you speak.

Everyone is quick to judge these days, don’t be one of them.



15. Look In The Mirror AGAIN

Do you like the body you see?  Are you happy with how you look?  Do You FEEL GREAT?  Do You LOOK GREAT?

Well guess what, YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL.  YOU can look YOUR BEST, You can be Lean, Strong, Healthy, YOU Just have to want it and work for it.



16. Give More

Ever be in the line up for a coffee and have someone pay for your order? It’s an AMAZING FEELING.  Want to make people feel amazing GIVE MORE. GIVE GIVE GIVE.

The easiest way to get what you want in life is to help OTHERS GET WHAT THEY WANT in life.

Be a giver, not a taker.



17. Beware Of Crabs

No No…Not those crabs (well those too lol), but what I mean are Crab People (not the south park ones).

I am talking about the people around you that want to SUCK YOU DOWN and drag you down.  No matter what those people are around you EVERYWHERE.  Don’t let the Crabs In The Bucket drag you down.



18. You Can Change Your Life & Physique FAST

Most people do the same workouts, eat the same foods, do the same SH*T all the time.  You NEED TO CHANGE.  What your doing isn’t working, CHANGE.

Our Rippedin42 Program proves that you can change your body in 6 weeks as much as you can in 6 months IF YOU HAVE the right plan and the right mindset.



19. Don’t Be An Idiot In The Gym

Stop letting your ego dictate your workouts.  You can stay strong and healthy forever, or you can be an idiot, lift too much, think you are unbreakable and pay for it the rest of your life (Please notice I was an idiot and I am still paying for it).

Learn, Listen and STAY HEALTHY.  Single Rep Personal Bests Are NOT SMART.  Sooner or later you will regret it.  Triples are way smarter & safer.



20. Sprint More

Bottom line we are meant to sprint.  Forget marathons, forget steady state cardio, forget elliptical machines and crap like that.  Go SPRINT.

Run hills, do intervals, Do Sled & Prowler Work, SPRINT….  it’s the best way to get lean, feel good, and it sure beats being a hamster on a wheel in front of a TV set in a big box gym



21. Get Uncomfortable

The things you remember are the things that gave you butterflies.

The girl/boy you asked out, the trip you were scared to take, the class you were intimated to take, the things that make you UNCOMFORTABLE are the things you remember.

Do more things that make you uncomfortable.



22. Get A Pet

Our Boy Max RIP

Some of the best moments in my life come from my pets.  We recently rescued a dog Max (read more on Max here), and I can say seeing Max happy has made me HAPPY.  Knowing I can make his life better, knowing he doesn’t have to be in a shed anymore, knowing HIS LIFE IS BETTER because of me and Danielle makes me happier.

Get a pet and love the sh*t out of them!

We adopted 3 dogs and we couldn’t be happier.  Get the story on Max & Becky by clicking the links.



23. If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t GET

I am shy (hard to believe but it’s true).

I never got ANYTHING in my life without the confidence to ask for it.

Want to meet that girl in your gym.  STEP UP. Want a RAISE, ASK FOR IT.

Stop being a pus*y and get some confidence.


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24. Stop Giving A Sh*T What Others Think

Get this.

I REALLY DON’T CARE what others think about me. 

I get it EVERY DAY.  But I don’t a SH*T.  Want to know why, because people will ALWAYS JUDGE YOU.

If you live YOUR LIFE catering to what others think about you, you will be paralyzed by fear.





Every day I am grateful for all that I have.  I am grateful for the amazing people I have around me.  I am grateful for the great people I have in my life.  I am GRATEFUL.

Be grateful it’s a wonderful feeling.



26. The World Owes You NOTHING.

Pretty simple.  Once you get it life is a lot clearer.



27. Just Do It

Ya I stole this from Nike, but seriously, JUST DO IT.

Want to start a business?  What are you waiting for?

Want to ask someone out?  DO IT

Want to compete? DO IT


Thinking about something is NOTHING.  DO IT.


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Most people only hear the things they do wrong, the mistakes they make, the negative every day.

Well I just wanted to say YOU ARE AWESOME.  You can be whomever you want to be and you can do WHATEVER YOU want to do.

Thank you for reading my blog and THANK YOU for being Awesome.



29. Fail Forward

Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them.

I have made MANY MISTAKES.

I have had business’s fail, relationships fail, lost close friends, but guess what, LIFE GOES ON.

If you are going to fail, FAIL FORWARD.  Make mistakes, Get Better, Learn and go forward.



30. “They Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With One Step”

I sometimes imagine what my life would be like without Heavyweights Supplement Store, Without Heavyweights Training Center, Without Rippedin42.  I can’t IMAGINE my life (or the impact it has had on others).  Imagine IF I didn’t take that one step……


>>  Note.. I got SUPER SICK with a flu and didn’t get a chance to finish this, while lying in bed I realized just how lucky I am and how good I feel even on days when I am not my best.  BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH! <<

31. You are where you are right now because of you.

Stop blaming people, take responsibility for YOURSELF and where you are in life.  Stop pointing the finger, and point it at YOU.  You are where you are because of you, but you can also become WHOMEVER YOU WANT as well.



32. Make Eating Clean & Exercising A PRIORITY

I eat clean & exercise 90% of the time.  I don’t do this for a past time, I don’t do this part time, I do this because it’s WHO I AM.  I take my life and my health VERY Seriously.  So should you.



33. You Don’t Know ANYTHING!

Think about this for a second, do you think you know all you need to know?  Do you look at things and think “I Know enough” are you a “know it all”?

After 20 years in the fitness field I still travel as often as I can to learn and connect with people who I can learn from.  I have a lot to teach people but I also have more to learn.  Always be a student.

There IS No Tomorrow

This has served me well.  I am a big fan of Rocky (and numerous other testosterone based movies), but every time I get tired and I don’t want to do something, I don’t want to train, I don’t want to write, I don’t want to answer e-mails I think to myself “There IS No Tomorrow Rob”.  I have gotten so much work, training, and helping others done when I am TIRED.  NEVER put off what you can do today.


35. Less Thinking & More DOING

This day and age we think too much.  We spend too much time wondering & pondering isn’t of just going at it.

I get it all the time with business questions.  “Rob what was your business plan like”, they love it when I say I never ever had one.

Or “What’s the BEST Training Program for Fat Loss”.  You don’t need The Best, you just need to be DOING ONE.



36. Pay Now To Play Later It’s YOUR CHOICE

Most people don’t get this one.  We are in a world of getting what we want when we want, but we DON’T Deserve it.

Want to be in shape?  EAT CLEAN!

Want to be strong? LIFT HEAVY!

Want to have money? SAVE!

Want a nice car? SAVE!

There are NO Shortcuts in life.  Learn to pay now and play later.  It works.


37. Be Grateful AGAIN (Yes it’s there twice)

Every day take a moment and write what you are grateful for.  Try it, it will make you feel amazing.


38. Be Happy

Me & Jersey Miss You

Life is short.  For too many years I couldn’t smile, I was unhappy, I was not confident, I was not ME.

Be happy, life is short.  Smile more, make others smile more.

Life is short and can be an AMAZING RIDE….. ENJOY IT!  Now SMILE!

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