Crabs In The Bucket

Crabs In The Bucket

I have had to take a big step back in my life over the last week, and it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done.

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE fitness and I LOVE helping people.  It’s pretty much all I know, and all I am good at. 🙂

It’s also all I want to do in my life….help people get healthier, stronger, more confident, and make their life better through getting in better shape and treating their bodies better.

That sums up what I do for every moment I am awake.

However, I have noticed something and this is the heart-breaker.  It seems sometimes no matter how much you give, how much you help, how much you care, there are always some people that want to knock you down.  They want to see you fail.  They want to see you not succeed and not be happy.  (Around here, we call these folks ‘crabs in the bucket,’ and I’ll tell you why if you read on!)

Misery loves company, it seems.

You see I am happy when I make other people happy.  That is what brings me true happiness.  Every day when I write in my journal, it’s not about what I own, or what I have or stuff like that. It’s about who I help and how happy that made me feel.  It’s the best feeling in the world.

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For some reason, there is always a group of people (and a lot of them past clients and even past staff) that are dying to see me fail, and dying to see HWTC go down.  I don’t understand that, and I guess I never will.

I always tell the story at orientation to our new clients about the ‘crabs in the bucket’ syndrome.

If you haven’t heard the ‘crabs in the bucket’ story, it goes kind of like this:

If you put a bunch of crabs in a bucket, you can watch them all try to climb out of the bucket and escape to freedom.

They are all trapped and unhappy, they can see freedom, they try to escape to a better happier place.

Here is the kicker.

As soon as one crab gets to the top of the bucket, the other crabs instinctively latch on to the one getting away, as a team they all latch on and PULL the other crab back down.

No crab escapes, and the process is repeated over and over.

I remember hearing that story and my eyes starting to water.

This has happened in my life so much that it is crazy, and I will never understand it.

If everyone just decided to help everyone else out of the bucket, well, there would be no one left trapped, and everyone would be HAPPIER.

But I guess for some people, they can’t be happy, or they are so jealous that they hate to see others happy so they latch on (with their negativity) and pull everyone else around them down too.

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People like that are desperate to keep you on the bottom of the bucket.

The last 2 days I have pretty much spent in seclusion with my girlfriend, my dogs and my thoughts.

It has been really hard and EVERY SINGLE part of me wants to say fu*k it and walk away.  Sometimes life is like that, and I would never lie, or act like the crabs don’t get to me too.

Getting out of bed has been hard, staying positive has been hard, being MY TRUE SELF has been hard.

But I realized something.

If I stop now, the crabs win.

I HATE to lose, and I HATE to see negative people (crabs) win.

So I have decided to make some changes, not let the negative bother me, and come back to be a better, smarter, improved version of ME.

I will GIVE MORE of myself, but ONLY to the RIGHT PEOPLE.

I will pour my heart into my passion, which is all things Heavyweights ,and keep the RIGHT people around me.

The easiest way to NOT have crabs pull you down in life is to not associate with crab-like (negative) people.

So as of today if you are a positive influence in my life THANK YOU.

If your a person who loves drama, negativity, gossip and wasting your life and energy on those things simply remove yourself from my email list, delete me from facebook, and if you enjoy those things there are lots of people for you to be small minded with.

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I want to surround myself with the BEST people.  I don’t need everyone I just need the RIGHT PEOPLE.

I have always said I never ever ever wanted Heavyweights Training Center to be a big-box gym.  I want it to be surrounded with people who want to make their life better in ALL aspects.

If you are one of those people, I promise that the new Heavyweights Training Center will be better than ever.  I look forward to delivering my best, and I know my best is yet to to come.

Great things are ahead, and I am looking forward to having the RIGHT people around me to share in OUR success.

And the crabs in the bucket can go fu*k yourselves :).

Have a great weekend.

“Memento Mori”


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