Hi, My Name Is Becky, Want to be my friend?

Hi, My Name Is Becky, Want to be my friend?

Hi my name is Becky.

My friends call me Becka,

My New Dad calls me Boopee!

I can’t really tell you everything about my past life as it is just too hard and I really don’t want to talk about it much, but my dad thinks it will help some other dogs.

I was abused, neglected, mistreated, and not loved.

Most of my time I was locked in a cage with a muzzle.  I was in this cage for long hours, some days I thought no one was coming to let me out so I got really upset.  I used to try to claw my way out of the cage leaving my paws cut and bleeding.  I was so afraid that I would be left there that I couldn’t handle it.

I still have scars on my nose from wearing my muzzle all the time, and I have scars on my belly as well, but I don’t want to talk about those anymore. But my mom and dad tell me that I am a “Pretty” everyday.

Some days my old mom & dad would take me outside.Becka

I was afraid of everyone and everything,

I would hide away in terror that someone was going to hurt me.

Everything scared me so I used to be very afraid, and then out of fear I would lash out if anyone came near me.

I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong, I was just trying to protect myself.

One day my old dad decided to take me in a car ride, I don’t really like the car but I went anyways.

It was not a good drive for me.

Every time I had to pee I would get hit, and I would be told to shut up.  So I did my best to be quite and not pee.

Five days in a truck driving across Canada is a long time for me.  I like to be outside not stuck in a truck :(.

Then soon as we stop I get put inside a cage again for a long time.

This made me very sad and I hated my life and everyone around me.

I didn’t know what to do.

Then one day I met Danielle.

She came and saw me when I was in the truck.

I was really scared so I got mad and barked at her and growled to protect myself. 

My dad then started banging on the window telling me to stop.

I was very confused, I get confused a lot.

My old Dad told me that he didn’t want me because I was “aggressive and bit people”.

And he said he was going to “do away with me“. 

I don’t know what that means but it scared me.

Then one day while I was at home in my cage Danielle came and saved me.

I was very happy to go with Danielle, she was really nice and made me feel happy. 

But I was still very very afraid of people. 

So afraid that the first night I bit one of Danielle’s friends :(. 

I didn’t mean to, I was just really afraid.

Danielle brought me home to meet my new dad and my new family and ever since I have been really happy!

Every day I get to go out doors by the ocean, I get to play catch, I get to roll around on the grass.

My favorite parts of the day are playing with my friends Rommel, Jersey & Scruffy. 


Every day I get to sit by the fire in my bed.

Every morning I get to give my dad a hug and a kiss and the part of the day I am happiest I BEDTIME! 

I get to jump into bed with my mom and dad and I love it so much!

I still get scared when I am put in our room when mom & dad go out, but it’s nice to be hanging with my friends. 

And when mom & dad come home it’s like Christmas and I get SO EXCITED!


I am a really happy girl now because of my new life and my new friends.

Remember that if we do something wrong everyone makes mistakes. 

All we need is love, patience, understanding, some food, and a nice place to sleep and we are very happy.

So please be nice to me and my friends, all we want is to be treated nice.

Please leave me a message and say HI. 

If you have any dogs that could be my friends please tell me about them!


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