What It’s Like To Get Drug Tested By The CCES

What It’s Like To Get Drug Tested By The CCES

I was drug tested by the CCES (Canadian Center For Ethics In Sport) again yesterday afternoon so I figured I would write and share what it’s like to have a drug testing organization show up at your house at any time and test you.

I am part of the CPU which is the “Canadian Power Lifting Union”.  I am very proud to be a part of this organization and to be a part of Power Lifting which is a drug free and tested sport.  They CPU does a good job and by being a part of their organization I am under their rules for testing.  They are part of the WADA Organization and WADA Doping List.

I am currently 5 weeks out from Power Lifting Worlds in Texas so there is a lot of testing taking place right now.


Knock Knock Knock.

My four dogs started to go crazy as it’s not very often we get visitors.  Picture a 100 lb German Shepherd, a 100 lb Akita, a 75 lb Weimy and a 50 lb mixed dog all going crazy.

Maybe there is a reason we don’t get many visitors :).

“Hi I am so and so with the CSCS and we are here to test you”.

Two people are outside my door with a big black bag and a lot of paper workout.

“No problem, let me put my dogs out.”

I get Danielle to put the dogs out as I am not allowed to leave their sight from the time they notify me.

I invite them in my home (I think they might be vampires actually as you have to invite a vampire in before they can come in your home, but thankfully they are here for my pee and not my blood, this time).

They come in to our house, we clear off the dining room table and we get down to business.

The first thing is a string of questions.  I have to present my ID, they ask me questions about what I have taken in the last few weeks in terms of supplements, drugs or anything that might be important.

After the paper work is out of the way comes the exciting part.

I get to pee in a container!

So the gentlemen tester walks me through the steps of opening the box. The containing units for me to pee in, checking the numbers on both containers, making sure everything matches up before we proceed.




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I have to touch and handle everything.  The tester is not allowed to touch anything.

So we go through everything and open it all up and get ready for that exciting moment when I get to pee in a cup.

The male tester follows me to the bathroom where I have to pee and fill the cup with him watching me.  It’s one of those moments where I am glad I am not penis shy lol.

This time around I had no pee issues and filled it first try,  The last time I was tested before Common Wealths I had some pee issues and it took me well over an hour to get a big enough sample.  This time around thankfully this was not the issue.


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.25.04 PM

Passing My Drug Test For Common Wealths


We are in the bathroom hanging out,  I do my pee, and like a good boy I fill it first try.  No pressure this time.  I got this :).

The container is full, I cap it and we go back to the dining room table,  with my pee in my hand in a container ready for the next step.

The tester then tests the concentration to make sure that it is not too diluted, thankfully it is not and we begin with the testing.

I am instructed to pour a certain quantity of pee into two different small glass containers.  One red one and one blue one.  I fill them up to the specific amounts and then seal them.  This is all done in a step by step manner according to procedure.

Once the two containers are filled then we finish off the paper work.  Recording exact times, the exact amounts on each container, everything is logged and recorded.

I then package everything up into the boxes, the tester does not touch anything, I have to do everything according to their plans and steps.

After all the pee is collected, bottled, organized and finished I get to sign more paper work and read over everything to make sure it’s correct.

A big thing here is to double check the “In Competition” vs “Out Of Competition” option.  This is very important for Power Lifting as the regulations are different for what is allowed and what isn’t allowed.

For example pre workouts  stimulants and are allowed out of competition but are not allowed for in competition testing.

Here is my final paper work before they take it away.


Once my pee has been put away and all the paper work is done the testers politely leave.

I cant say I like having someone come in my house and test me, I actually hate it, but understand that to compete in Power Lifting this is part of the sport and I accept it fully. Everything that goes into my body in a supplement, drug or pill form I prety much test against the WADA list to be sure.

I even e-mailed the Team Canada Pharmacist to ask about my Cortisone Shot I got on Tuesday because I could have FAILED for this if I took it at the wrong time.


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“Hey Rob,

Sorry to hear you are having troubles with you hip. 

Cortisone injections are ok to use outside of competition but the trouble is that you can’t have the medication in your system come competition day as they are prohibited IN competition.  So you have to ensure the cortisone level is undetectable on meet day.  I would recommend your last cortisone injection be outside of the two week window from your competition date.  This should give the drug enough time to break down and get to undetectable levels so you won’t have an issue.  Timeline wise, you should be able to make this happen.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any additional questions.




Overall getting drug tested is a strange experience. 

Being a part of the CPU I expect it, I train knowing I could at anytime be tested, and I take responsibility of what goes into my body knowing these rules.

The next time they show up they may want urine and blood samples like they do with a lot of lifters now, I just hope if they show up wanting my blood they are nice enough to wear fangs.


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