4 Things I Changed To Get BIG Results In The Last 5 Weeks

4 Things I Changed To Get BIG Results In The Last 5 Weeks

The last 5 weeks have been some of the best training of my life preparing for the IPF Worlds in Johannesburg South Africa.

Even though I have been working out and training my whole life, the last 5 weeks have been the best training that I have had in the last 10 years + of my life.

I couldn’t be any happier.

I am going into the worlds Stronger, Healthier, Happier and less injured in training than EVER before.

After competing and winning 1st at PowerLifting Nationals M1 and I got accepted to compete at the World’s it was time to “Raise The Bar” and make some changes.

I won the Nationals, but I was not at my best for Nationals so some changes had to be made.

It was not easy, change never is, but it needed to happen to be at my best.

As of right now I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with my training and here are 5 things I did differently this time around.


# 1. I Got A Coach

Bottom line coaches make a huge difference.  The best athletes in the world have coaches for a reason.

When it comes to coaching usually I am the one behind the athlete, behind them helping them, coaching brings me more happiness than anything.

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BUT if I was going to be an athlete then I needed to have a coach and I needed to empty my cup and have faith and trust that someone can coach me.

I haven’t had a coach in a LONG time, I usually coach myself, and this time I didn’t want to think, I just wanted to lift.

A huge thanks to Kevin Farrell in taking this on.  It must not have been easy on him when I said “Kevin I want you to coach me” since I am the head coach at HeavyWeights and all that.  But he stepped up, he has done an amazing job and I have never felt stronger or more confident than I do right now.

For this I am very grateful.


# 2. I Followed A Plan

I am not going to lie I have trained and compete in many powerlifting shows and bodybuilding shows by “winging it”.  No plan, I make adjustments on the fly as I need them or as I see my body needed them for strength and for bodybuilding.

I have never been one much for following a plan.

That has all changed the last 5 weeks where for not one day did I not follow the plan.

If it said lift I lifted, if it said rest, I rested, if it said pick up this much weight 5 times I did exactly that.

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I did what my plan said and I did what my coach said.

Often times we stop following plans which leads to self sabotage.

Most people stop getting results by sabotaging themselves.

There were MANY days I didn’t want to train.  Life, stress, tired, you name it I promise I have gone through it, we ALL DO.  But if you want results you have to follow your plan and do the things you don’t want to do  That’s success and that’s how you get results.

So get a plan and FOLLOW the plan.

For a solid PowerLifting plan that is easy to follow and will get you results check out my PowerLiftIn42 program.


#3 I Took More Days Off

I hate days off.
I hate being lazy.
I HATE rest days.

I always have.

If I have a day off work I feel lazy, a day off from the gym I hate myself and feel lazy. This is my mindset all the time.

“your lazy”
“your not productive”
“you could be doing more”

Every single hour of every single day.

The hardest part of this was not training every day and not over training.

I’d lift hard and heavy.

I’d rest

I’d rest medium.

I’d rest.

I’d lift really fukin heavy.

I’d rest.


I have had more time off in the last 5 weeks than ever before.


I am stronger than ever and my injuries are very little.

Don’t neglect the importance of recovery and time off.


#4.  I Stopped Being Afraid

I have coached professionals, I have coached champions, I have coached moms losing 20 lbs and I have coached brand new clients that have never done a deadlift in their life.

One thing I see with ALL of them and all people is fear holding them back.

Fear of failure.

Fear of losing.

Fear of being mad fun of.

Fear of fuking up.

Fear.. Fear.. Fear…

When I first got back on the PowerLifting platform  last year at the NL. Provincials I had more fear then you could EVER imagine.

I hadn’t competed since 1999, I was overcoming a crippling back injury, and on top of that I was coaching 20 people to compete as well.


But I wouldn’t show it, I wouldn’t let my team see it, I when I got on that platform I didn’t care what happened to me, I was not turning backwards.

I hurt my back VERY badly doing a sumo dead many years ago, that stopped me from competing and lifting, and to step on the platform and do that same lift scared me to DEATH.

But I did it.

I pushed through the fear.

That day I realized my love again for PowerLifting and coaching and i thought “Hey maybe I can actually compete again”.

A few months later I won the Canadian Championships and now in a few days I am representing Team Canada (and Newfoundland and Team HeavyWeights) at the IPF Worlds In SOUTH AFRICA!

If I let the fear get to me what would have happened?

From that event I had people win provincial championships that went on to win national championships and now the worlds.

I really believe you have to “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”.

In summary here are some big things that can help you get whatever you want in life.


1. Get A Coach

2. Follow A Plan

3. Rest

4. Overcome Your FEAR


I couldn’t be more grateful and I set a goal for 2014 to be my best year EVER and it has already been that and more.

Never let ANYONE stop you, always remember you only live ONCE.

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