7 Weeks To PowerLifting Nationals

7 Weeks To PowerLifting Nationals

7 Weeks To PowerLifting Nationals.

It’s 7 weeks until my next PowerLifting competition which is Nationals being held in St. John’s in April 2015.

I am very eager and excited to get back on the platform as this is the longest I have gone without competing and I feel the need to itch the scratch.

I am going to blog once a week about my training as a way to educate people interested in PowerLifting and competing, and also as a way to keep myself on track and accountable.

Team HeavyWeights has 22 competitors competing at Nationals which is amazing, but along with coaching I am also competing and I want my numbers at Nationals to be my best yet as I have been training hard for the last three months thinking about Nationals.

My last 2 weeks of training have really taken a beating.  I was hitting PR’s every week for a few weeks then things changed.  I hurt my biceo/tricep on my right arm (non surgery arm), then my left arm started to hurt as well, and it got so bad that I couldn’t even back squat.  A few weeks ago I worked up to 425 for a set of 3 and after my first set I had to leave the gym as both arms were killing me and the pain was brutal.  This was a red flag that I needed a break.

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For the last 2 weeks I have really backed things off.  I switched up a few things in my training.  I changed from normal bar for squats to squat safety bar to alleviate the pain in my arms, and I changed my deadlifts from over/under grip to over/over with straps to take some of the pressure of my right arm.

I know what I “should” do, but it’s never easy to back things off or make changes, but I listed to my body and did that.

Last years Nationals in St. Catherine’s went very well for me.  I took 1st place in the 83 kg M1 Unequipped division and I am training hard thinking about winning or placing here in my home province.IMG_9824

Today was my first workout of a new 6 week program that I am doing that will take me up to Nationals.

It’s 3 times a week where I squat/bench/deadlift with varying intensities and reps.

Workout 1 was great!  No pain in my arms, I got through the whole workout without pain.  It was a lot more volume than I am used to, but the % of my 1rm was much lower, this is nice because it allows me to get back into lifting without taxing my body too heavily for the first few weeks.

Right now my weight is 190 and to compete I need to be 83 kg (182.6 lbs).  so over the next 7 weeks I will slowly adjust my food/carbs to make weight.  At my last two competitions I have had to cut pretty heavy and I don’t plan on doing that again.  At Worlds In South Africa I had to cut about 13 lbs in 3 days which almost killed me and at RAW Nationals In Calgary I had to cut 6 lbs in 1 day which wasn’t bad but it caused my back to flare up.  At both meets I never felt I performed as good as I could have.  So my goal this time is to not have to water cut at all, and make my weight of 83 kg as a leaner version of me :).

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Today’s workout consisted of

Squats – 175 kg/385 lbs for 6 sets of 2 reps
Deadlifts – 210 kg/462 lbs 6 sets of 3 reps
Bench – 105 kg/231 lbs 6 Sets of 3 Reps



My current best PR’s in the gym have been

580 lb Squat

570 lb Deadlift

300 lb Paused Bench



My goals for Nationals are

1.Give my HeavyWeights Team The BEST Coaching

2. Stay Injury Free



My lifting goals are

– Squat 212.5 kg/468.50 lbs  (this will break the Canadian M1 83 kg current squat record)

– Bench 300 lbs /  136.5 kg

– Deadlift 570 lbs /  260 kg


My stretch goals for competition are

– Squat 227.5 kg (501 lbs)

– Bench 313 lbs  / 142.5

– Deadlift 580 lbs / 265 kg


I am really motivated and excited for Nationals and I can’t wait to make this my best meet yet and to see our Newfoundland lifters and Team HeavyWeights lifters lift HeavyWeights!




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