Final Week Of Training

Final Week Of Training

So this is my final week of training before I compete in the NL PowerLifting Provincials on Saturday June 8th with my HWTC Team.

As I posted in my last blog post about 2 weeks ago, I have gotten a fair bit stronger since my last update.

I have done this by simply focusing on nothing but improving my big 3 lifts: the squat, dead, and bench press.  I have made it a point at least every 2nd day to get under a heavy bar in some regard.  There have been many days when I didn’t want to train and I kinda forced myself to go train, yet these were often some of my best workouts.

I have been doing no other training really.  Sled push every 2nd day, but aside from that my only training has been to focus on cleaning up my form, lifting as heavy as possible and doing lots of foam rolling to keep my body moving and feeling good.  All this heavy lifting is fun, but it takes a toll on your body (especially at almost 40 with a full resume of injuries).

When I set a goal to compete in the powerlifting event, I had in my head some lifts that I wanted to achieve for ME personally.  These are just gym lifts and whatever I get at the meet is just a bonus.  I am competing for the experience, the focus, to help my team and to become a better coach.

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The numbers that I had set as stretch goals were:

– Squat 405 lb.

– Bench 315 lb.

– Deadlift 465 lb.

These are good general strength numbers.  These numbers are not great by powerlifting standards at a bodyweight of 183 lbs.,  but for me these are decent numbers to set as goals.

Going into my final week, my weight is where I wanted it to be.  I weighed in at 185 yesterday and I have to weigh 183 lb on Saturday.  No problem there.  I can clean up my food a little and add in a little bit more sled work this week to ramp up the metabolism.

So far I have gotten 2 of my 3 stretch goal lifts, and I am going for my 3rd today.  I got a 300 lb bench with a pause, my goal is a 315 “gym bench” so that is more of a touch and go lift, without the pause.

** Update on Tuesday: I got my 315 goal bench press!

Happy Robbie.


300 lb. Pause Bench

405 lb. Back Squat

315 lb. Squat for 12

475 lb Deadlift

After doing deadlifts yesterday, I KNOW there is a 500 lb. deadlift in there somewhere.  After this weekend I plan to lift heavy once more next week, and go for that 500 lbs.  After that, my training will change gears for the summer, and get away from the constant heavy heavy lifting.

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Along with my own training I am really happy with the training of some of the Heavyweights Team.

I am known for the strong girls I train, and here are some videos of them lifting some HEAVY WEIGHTS.

Sam March


Renee Steph


I am really having a lot of fun focusing on training and getting strong and I am so proud of my team.

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