I Need a Hip Replacement & Got A Cortisone Injection Today

I Need a Hip Replacement & Got A Cortisone Injection Today

It’s been a hard week and this is very hard for me to write.

Last week I went to see my orthopedic doctor to get some news on my Xray for my right hip.

Long story short for the last 8 months or so I have been in a lot of pain. I competed at both Common Wealth Championships in BC in Dec and Nationals in Saskatchewan hurt pretty bad.

Things just kept getting worse and worse both in the gym and in life. The last few weeks honestly doing a body weight squat, standing up off the chair, bending over to try to tie my right shoe, all these things have become brutal sharp pain and guarding.

It’s been hard on the body and on the mind.

I have gone from competing at Worlds last year and winning a bronze medal in deadlifts with a 252, 5 kg /557 lb deadlift to not being able to deadlift 135 lbs. without pain.

Even though I have done everything possible to get better nothing was working. I reached out to the best people and I have had a lot of help from my massage therapists, my chiro, and I even reached to to my go to injury guy Dean Somerset for help.


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No matter what I tried it just kept hurting and keep getting worse.

I made an appointment with the doctor and she ordered an Xray. I met with my orthopedic doctor last week and the news was not what I was hoping for.

He informed me that I pretty much need a replacement. He said it could be genetics, wear and tear, or many things. I have a lot of hip and back problems in my family.

The diagnoses was that I have a Hip Impingement, Hip Osteoarthritis, and I have Osteophytes forming on my hip.

I basically need a hip replacement.HipImpingement-SM


What is a hip impingement?

Here is the quick & dirty.

Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI), or hip impingement syndrome, may affect the hip joint in young and middle-aged adults and occurs when the ball shaped femoral head rubs abnormally or does not permit a normal range of motion in the acetabular socket.



Even though he said I need a hip replacement (at 42 this is not cool to me), but he said if I do that I may never PowerLift again and he recommended a Cortisone shot and then assess how things go from there.

He was the same doctor that repaired my torn bicep years ago and he did a fantastic job. Great doctor and very knowledgeable guy. He fixed me up before and I am confident he will help me again.

Today I went to the hospital and got my first Cortisone shot in my right hip. It was a different feeling, a small bit of pain but overall a pretty simple and easy procedure. I am already moving a lot better and have a lot less pain already.

I have never been so excited to squat a bar without pain.




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