Training Update May 15/2016

Training Update May 15/2016

It’s been an week training to say the least.

On Tuesday I had my first ever Cortisone shot. Nothing like having a big huge metal needed injected in your groin/hip area. So far it has helped a lot with pain and improved movement. I am taking it one day at a time to see how it goes.

I know the problem with my hip isn’t fixed and this is a temporary patch work, but to have a lot less pain and improved movement I will take it.

Then yesterday the drug testing people from the CCES showed up at my house to drug test me.

I am 5 weeks out from Worlds in Texas and it’s pretty common for the drug testing people to make their rounds. I was tested back in November before Common Wealth Championships in December as well so I was not surprised when they showed up

Cortisone shots and drug testing, it sure pays to be an old and busted power lifter J.

On to training.

It’s been a pretty good week training.

I didn’t want to push the hip too much the first few days so I trained very light with some squats and lower body work. Most of my training was upper body and revolved around benching.

I had some great bench workouts using bench blockz, sling shot and more.  Overall my bench press is feeling great.



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Yesterday I took my hip for a light “test drive” and worked up to 365 for 3 singles on squats. FAR from a PR for me but the best my squats have felt in about 8 months and very little to no pain yesterday. I did this squat before Nationals and the pain was brutal. I am very happy to have less pain.  



Overall I am taking my lower body training one day at a time.  I want to give my best but I also don’t want to be in in pain 24/7.  Just an old and busted Power Lifter trying to give my best.

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