Armaid – Rob’s Review

Armaid – Rob’s Review

If you suffer from arm tendonitis, tight biceps, tight forearms, or anything along these lines keep reading because Armaid can really benefit you.

Over the years of wear and tear of Martial Arts Training, Lifting Weights, Power Lifting and more my forearms, hands, biceps and triceps have taken a beating.

Add on to this wear and tear I have two torn biceps (one tendon surgery), 3 hand surgeries, 1 fused pinky, and 1 dislocated funky thumb, basically my arms are junk.

However, to compete in Power Lifting and to keep lifting weights and staying active I need my grip to be strong, and I need to have as little pain as possible.

For the last year I have fought off some bad bicep shortening and some serious tendonitis in my forearms and biceps.  Pretty much for the last year my arms have hurt every single day.  Some days are better than others.  When I could barely change gears in my standard in my jeep without excruciation pain I knew I was in need of some serious help and action.

If you lift weights, do Martial Arts, Rock Climb, Wrestle or do ANY grip intensive sports or activities Armaid can benefit you.


Armaid – Rob’s Review

Posted by Robert King on Monday, May 4, 2015

From Their Website.


The Armaid is specifically designed to relieve pain and prevent further injury from tendonitis and other strains to the forearm, wrist, hand, elbow, biceps and triceps. The dual-massaging techniques of this tool assist in the relief of muscle tension, tightness and target trigger points.

  • Neoprene leg strap allows you to keep the Armaid stable while massaging the desired area.
  • The soft foam roller on one side and firm massaging balls on the other work simultaneously decreasing irritation & tightness of tendons.
  • Easy to use and portable.
  • Comes with a 10yr warranty & instructional DVD with different massaging techniques.
  • Includes White & Gray Roller.
  • Additional orange roller attachment available for deeper muscle tension relief.


Rob’s Review :

I have to say I was very impressed with Armaid.  For the last week I have been using it every night.  My arms feel loser, and fuller and improved range of motion.  It has really helped me and this is something I will use often.

For the price of about $200 to my door it’s not too bad.  It also has a 10 year warranty which is pretty amazing.

If your like me and your arms could use some daily soft tissue work for recovery and strength consider the Armaid and investment not an expense.


Get more information on Armaid from Rogue Fitness HERE.


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