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I am lifelong student of fitness, health, & building muscle.

For as long as I can remember I have always been into everything related to strength, fitness, building muscle, losing fat and living better.

My passion is coaching and helping others to bring out their best and with my HeavyWeights Training Center and HeavyWeights Transformation Center we do this day in day out.

My business started back in 1997 where I started selling supplements out of my parents basement house.  From there my passion for fitness and business grew until I finally opened up my first store in 1998 (which was 250 square feet and no bathroom).  From there my HeavyWeights Supplement Store grew and we moved into a 600 square foot location which is still going to this day.

Currently I am a strength coach who with a big focus on PowerLifting.  I also have a big focus on Body Transformation Programs that we do at HeaavyWeights and our gym has helped thousands lose fat, build muscle, get stronger and live better.

I love what I do.

I believe in “leading from the front” and I am currently a competitive National PowerLifting Champion.  I love lifting heavy weights, and sharing my passion with others.

But coaching is my true passion.

I currently coach about 10 National Level PowerLifting Competitors, 5 bikini and fitness models.  I have coached Provincial Weight Lifting Champions, National PowerLifting Champions, Bikini Fitness Pros and more. I have help countless people with my body transformation programs like Ripped in 42, Strong Her In 42, 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss and many other programs.

You can read more about my coaching bio by going HERE.

Welcome to my blog and feel free to Contact Me, I am always here to help you reach your goals


“Memento Mori”

Rob King



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-> Owner Heavyweights Supplements & Heavyweights Training Center

-> Certified Personal Trainer

-> Certified Training For Warriors Level I & II

-> Certified SFG Level 1 Coach

-> Certified SFL Strong First Lifter Level 1 Coach

-> Certified CPPS Level 1 Coach

-> Certified Turbulence Trainer

-> Poliquin Bio-Sig Level I

-> Black Belt WTF Tae Kwon Do

Creator Of Rippedin42, Builtin42, Transformin42 & StrongHERin42