11 Tips For A Stronger Deadlift

11 Tips For A Stronger Deadlift


Deadlifts can be one of the BEST exercises when done correctly and one of the WORST when done incorrectly.


Strength is a skill and the deadlift may seem like an easy lift, but it is very technical.


Here Are 11 Tips For A Stronger Deadlift


1.  Set Up (this is key for any lift).  A good set up = a good lift.


2. Tension.  Learn to create full body tension. The deadlift is a fully body exercise.


3. Brace.  Learn to brace your core and lock it in tight.  Pretend like you are going to get punched and flex your core as hard and tight as possible.


4. Know your stance.  Sumo or Conventional or both.  I recommend that people learn and train both but depending on your body, mechanics, injuries, movement, and many other things one style might be better than the other.


5. Get Aggressive.  As the weight gets heavier you need to “put out more”.  You are always stronger than you realize.  As the weights get heavier you need to get more aggressive.


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6. Speed.  The faster you can move the weight the better.  As it gets heavy it will always move slower.  Condition yourself to get fast and get tight.


7. White Knuckle The Bar.  Grab the bar with a tight grip.  The harder you can grip the bar the better.


8.  Don’t miss a lift.  In training I never want to miss lifts and when I coach classes and sessions my goal is that no one misses a lift.


9. Focus.  When you are lifting HeavyWeights focus is VERY important.  You can have fun, you can smile, but when it comes time to lift then FOCUS in and make the lift.


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10.  Deadlifts can be the best thing for your back and also the worst thing for your back.  The deadlift isn’t the problem. It’s HOW you deadlift.  Technique, Technique, Technique.


11.  Strength is a SKILL.  Don’t workout, practice!

Bronze Medal Deadlift 252.45 kg / 555 lbs. at 82.5 kg 181.5 lb bodyweightThis was the lift that mattered to me most for so many reasons.Back in 2000 I hurt my back badly attempeting a 500 lb. Deadlift. This injury took me out of lifting & competitive PowerLifting until 2013. To get back on the platform.& lift is a dream come true. To place 3rd in the World in my division I never could have dreamt this 5 years ago.Dream bigger, set big goals, surround yourself with the right people & NEVER give up on your dreams & goals.#ironsharpensiron, #neverquit, #heavyweightsfirlife

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