Final Week Of Training For PowerLifting Nationals

Final Week Of Training For PowerLifting Nationals

It has been by far the best training block of my life and today was my last day of weights and I couldn’t be any happier.

For the last 8 weeks I have busted my butt and trained harder and more focused than ever before.  I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better training period.

At the moment I weigh exactly 86 kg and I compete at 83 kg.  So I have exactly 3 kgs to go before Thursday’s weigh in.

This is the leanest I have been in a long time.  Eating much cleaner and hitting sled suicides for conditioning about 4 times a week.  I have also never done this much conditioning for a PowerLifting competition.

I just turned 41 and I feel amazing, 1 I am in the best shape I have been in for a few years now. This keeps with everything I believe which is lifting HeavyWeights, Doing HIT Conditioning and eating lots of good food.  This applies no matter how young or old you are.RobKing190lbs

Before I go post my final week I want to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone at HeavyWeights Training Center that is a member at our gym, our members at HeavyWeights Transformation Center, my customers at HeavyWeights Supplements and our new HeavyWeights Online Coaching Clients.  I could not do what I love without your support.

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Thanks to my team at HeavyWeights that do an amazing job of providing value, support and results. You all do so much for people.

Thank you to Magnum Supplements for supplying me with Supplements for the last 8 weeks.

Thank you Testosterone Nation, it’s been a dream to write for the best and I am so happy to write for the best training site in the world.

Thanks to my training partners Megan and Josh.  Thank you Meg for pushing me in the weights and on sleds, you will do amazing on the platform.

And of course thanks to Danielle for taking on so much more of our “work” recently and allowing me to really focus for once on me and my training.

I am always grateful for those that have helped me.

Like the shirt below says “Iron Sharpens Iron” your TEAM and your training partners make you better.  Surround yourself with the right people to become your best.


The last 8 weeks have been the best training of my life.

There have been struggles, there have been set backs, there have been many stresses both in the gym, business, and life.

But I took out my anger with the bar, I slayed my demons as best as I could with lifting, and I did my best to let nothing stop me.

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At last years Nationals only a year ago this week my best lifts were

– 386 lb Squat

– 275 lb Bench

– 489 lb Deadlift

Overall going into this years Nationals I have had some great lifts that I am very proud of.

– 500 lb PR Squat

– 309 lb PR Bench

– 585 lb  PR Deadlift

My goals for Nationals are simple.  To do my absolute best in terms of lifting and coaching.  My goal is that every time I get on the platform I improve, I learn, and I do better than last time. To be able to train without hardly any back pain considering my injuries makes me incredibly happy.

I am competing against some amazing competitors, but in the end my only competition is me, and I have done my best for this competition.

I am truly grateful to be able to compete and Nationals and I plan to do my best.

500 lb Squat PR!!!!500 lb Squat PR!!!!============================================Get access to 10 workout programs, a private coaching group, coaching from me and much much more….oh and it’s only 1$.Click Here For More Info ==> last heavy workout before Nationals and I couldn’t be any happier!So happy I shed a tear after this but I’m blaming Ammonia for that.Thank you Josh Sullivan, Megan Carroll Danielle Payne for training & support. Lifetime goal right here!Nationals I will give my best!!

Posted by Robert King on Sunday, March 29, 2015

PR on bench paused PR!! 140 kg 308.6 lbs benchPR on bench paused PR!! 140 kg 308.6 lbs benchTraining going great!Thank you Josh Sullivan Coach..Check out my blog for tips and videos to help you get stronger on bench press here ==>

Posted by Robert King on Thursday, March 19, 2015

585 lb Deadlift PR locked better!!585 lb Deadlift PR!===============================Join The HeavyWeights Nation. Get accèss to 10 workout programs, a private coaching group, coaching from me and much much more….oh and it’s only 1$.Click Here For More Info ==> more to 600 lb!! Thanks Megan, Wayne & Janessa for the push!Testosterone Nation, Magnum Nutraceuticals, SBD, Powerlifting Motivation, International Powerlifting Federation – IPF, Canadian Powerlifting Union

Posted by Robert King on Thursday, March 26, 2015


Good luck to everyone competing at this years PowerLifting Nationals which is being held in St. John’s.
For more information on the event check out the 2015 CPU PowerLifting Nationals Facebook Page and also the Canadian PowerLifting Union Facebook Page.

To get updates and videos be sure to connect with me on my Rob King Coaching Facebook Page.


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