Squat Walk Outs – A Simple Way To Improve Your Squats

Squat Walk Outs – A Simple Way To Improve Your Squats

If you want to improve your squat then I suggest you add “Squat Walk Outs” into your squatting program.

A squat walk out is very simple.

Take whatever your current PR is on squats and add 10% more onto the bar.

Get under the bar, get tight, stand up with the bar then walk it back and hold it for 10 seconds.

Then slowly walk it back in and re rack the weight.

When I saw “hold it for 10 seconds” you are not just holding the weight, you are creating TENSION for these 10 seconds. You are bracing your core as hard as possible, squeezing your glutes, keeping your lats tight and acting AS IF you were going to squat the weight.

This is a very simile and effective way to get stronger and have more confidence with big weight on your back.

I have many a few of my competitive PowerLifting students do this and they loved it and it helped them hit some big PR’s on the platform.

My first time ever putting 455 lbs on my back (4 45’s and a 25 per side) I thought the weight was going to crush me.  A few days later It didn’t feel as bad.  Two weeks after that my squat jumped from 435 PR to 455 lb PR.  This is a massive jump and a BIG reason was because 455 lbs on my back no longer felt heavy.

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Yesterdays squat workout for me was 6 sets of 2 reps at 177 kg. then at the end of my workout I added in 3 sets of squat walk outs.

Set 1. 215 kg was above the current Canadian squat record

Set 2. 220 kg

Set 3 is 227.5 KG which is 500 lbs which is my next goal squat.



By getting big weight on my back it will let your body adapt to HeavyWeights so that when you get under it you will feel way more confident.  Squatting 450 lbs is a lot easier once you have had 500 lbs on your back.


Here is a clip of my final set doing squat walkouts with xx 500 lbs. for 10 seconds.

Add Squat Walk Outs into your program to improve squat strength, confidence under the bar and lifting HeavyWeights!

Train Hard, Train Smart.

Coach Rob

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