1 MR Supplement Review

1 MR Supplement Review

OK Let me start by saying DO NOT Take 1 MR late at night IF you want to sleep!

I used 1 scoop last night around 930 and couldn’t sleep a bit last night!

I had a great workout mind you, but never slept much.  So be careful taking this late at night if you train at that time.

1 MR from BPI is REALLY REALLY Strong. I can’t stress enough just how surprisingly strong this product really is.

I have used a ton of preworkouts and this one is one of, if not the strongest I have used.  So if you are sensitive to stimulants be very careful with this product ok.

1 MR is very strong, You have been warned, now lets move on to the review.

Taste : 1MR doesn’t taste bad at all, mind you it’s not great.  Easily drinkable.————————————————————————————

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Mixing : Doesn’t mix great, but not bad either.  I mixed mine with a 1/3 glass of water and chugged it.

Results : Awesome workouts!  Tons of energy, focus, good mood.  I have never said this about a product ever but i almost found it TOO STRONG.  I wouldn’t advise this product before anything with high intensity training or lots of heat.  I used it before a MMA Class and it was too much.  So PLEASE DON’T USE it like that.  For weights it’s fine but avoid anything with high heart rate training.

Side Effects : The crash was pretty big on this product.  So be ready for that, but it takes a few hours lol.  I took it one night at like 9pm and couldn’t sleep until 5am lol.  VERY intense energy, as i have said almost too much so start with like 1/2 a scoop.

Rob’s Rating : 8.5/10 (I actually didn’t give it a 9 because the energy was a bit too much lol go figure)

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  • Craig

    I have been using 1MR for about 2 weeks now after talking to Ryan Mercer at Heavyweights recommended it to me after using it himself. I have to say its the best pre workout I have tried to date. Like Rob said in his review I have also tried jack3d and I loved that as well but 1MR is much stronger then jack3d. I will say jack3d tasted a lot better then 1MR. The taste is pretty bad and it needs to be chugged to really get it down. I stack 1MR with Sizeon another great product available at Heavyweights and it has given me the best workouts I have had since I started working out about 2 years ago. You don’t want to take it late at night though. I also tried that and could not sleep the entire night.

    All in all I would give it a 9/10. I only take the 1 point off because the taste is pretty bad and it does require you to bring it very quick and get it over with.

  • Brandon

    I’ve been using 1.M.R for a few weeks now and i find it alright, i dont get the stim effect that some people talk about but i do feel much more focused. I went running with it the other day and strongly advise against that, my heart rate was through the roof.

    Overall its a good product in my opinion. Although I find NO Shotgun more effective.

  • Chris

    Have you tried the pill version of this, Rob?

    That’s what I have been using, and I was just wondering if you found this or the pill to be better.

    Also, I just wanted to mention that I found this product caused me to lean out a fair bit, so if you are looking to gain weight rather than lose weight, you may be better off buying jacked instead.

  • Good stuff Rob.

    I tried this stuff as well and I set a new Personal Best in my deadlift.

    Didnt realize until afterwards that perhaps, this gave me a little edge 🙂

    id recommed this to others too.

    thanks for the quality feedback

  • Andrew

    Hey Rob,
    I tried this product probably 4-5 months ago. My workouts were the best I have ever had. I made many personal bests in only a few workouts. I do not take this product anymore because of the crash. Within 1 to 2 hours after taking this product I was very light headed, dizzy and felt sick to my stomach. The symptoms would last for about 4 hours after taking the product. For me I do not have any caffeine in my diet besides a green tea once in a while. Therefore I am very caffeine sensitive. I would advise anyone who does not have caffeine in their diet to stay away from this product or start with a very low dose (1/3 of scoop). Cheers.

  • Rob King

    @ Andrew

    Thanks for the feedback and I agree. The crash was hard and I felt dizzy/light headed etc as well. I liked Jack3d more.

    To each their own, i want people to try it and post their own feedback but it is STRONG and too much caffeine IMO.

  • Kevin

    About to get some of this, anyone have any flavor recommendations?

  • Ricky

    Safe to train for crosscountry/track workouts?

  • Frankie

    I have tried 1mr and it was great. I gave me a pump out the roof. I dont know if I should keep taking it because I want to get bigger. The crash was pretty bad, but I loved the focus it gave me in the gym.

  • Rob King

    I wouldnt advise it for Crosscountry etc. heart rate gets too high and the crash can be bad.

  • Rob King

    Thanks for the feedback Frankie

  • Ryan

    Spot on review… I’m a huge fan of this product for one reason and one reason alone. It REALLY works. Believe the hype, this stuff is legit! I suggest anyone who’s looking for a great pre-workout product, to give it a try and see what kind of results they get with it.

  • Eamon

    I am nearly 16 and i am a big lad. I really want to try rhis product but not sure if i should. Would it be safe for a guy like me to try? Someone please let me know. Cheers.

  • Pat


    This is the second pre-workout product I have tried the other being superpump250. It is night and day a better product. I am currently stacking it with SizeOn and have experienced the best workouts I have ever had. The crash can be bad at times, I think it has a lot to do with when you are eating meals relative to working out so a little bit of trial and error is required. I have found that eating a decent sized breakfast 2 or 3 hours before working out gives the best effects for me and a big meal after the workout helps control the crash. Has anyone else really felt extremely exhausted the day after a workout? Sometimes, the day after using this I feel as if I could and need to sleep all day.

  • Jordan

    For those who are worried about strength of the product, you can use a half a scoop or even 1/3 of a scoop. I’ve heard of many people doing that. A other alternative to this supp is superpump250. Although superpump is not as strong, it gives by far the best muscle pumps compared to the other pre workouts I have taken. But 1.M.R may give you more for your money than super.

  • Rob King

    Hey Jordan

    Thanks for the comment man I apprecaite it. 1/2 to 1/3 is def enough for most people.

    I have a new blog if you want to check it out and tell people Id appreciate it.

    http://www.FreeSupplementReviews.com I plan to do ALL my reviews there, id love some feedback from you guys.


  • brada

    had an awesome workout but got itchy and ended up having to go to the docs to get some cream. whole body busted out in rashes hahah.

  • Rob King

    Dude thats pretty messed up lol.

  • Stephane

    Hi Rob i love your blog.

    Bought 1MR and i try it . Did not do a thing for me . Try again and again did no do anything. Last weekend i did some investigating and came to the conclusion of what i was sold at a high price is nothing more than a modified Weak Canadian formula where the boosting extra was removed. High price cafeine powder with flavor.

    Wish i would have know more before buying this.

  • Rob King

    Hey Stephane,

    I am just becoming aware of this! Thanks for letting me know, funny this always happens.

    I just did a blog post on 1mr and Canadian Versions showing up.

    Check it out

    Please keep me posted as well Stephane