5 Benefits Of Using Caffeine Pre Workout

5 Benefits Of Using Caffeine Pre Workout

Without a doubt good old Caffeine is still one of the best things you can take to improve your workout.

If you are like me and you enjoy a nice cup of coffee it’s a great addition before your workout to improve results of strength, fat loss, focus and much more.

If you don’t like Coffee (how is that even possible) you can pick up caffeine pills for very cheap.

Or you can be like me and have a cup of Coffee and a caffeine pills and get the best of both worlds :).

5 Benefits Of Using Caffeine Pre Workout


1. Improved Fat Loss

There are countless studies showing that caffeine pre workout can improve fat loss.  There are numerous studies showing different dosing for fat loss, but in simple terms 50-250 mg of Caffeine pre workout will do the job fine. The average caffeine pill is 200 mg and the average cup of coffee is about 50-100 mg.

Caffeine pre workout can help prioritize your fat cells for energy as opposed to glycogen (winning) and it can also increase your body temperature which means more calories burned and fat loss.


2. Improved Performance

Again there are countless studies that show something as simple as coffee/caffeine pre workout will improve performance in both cardio vascular conditioning and strength performance.220053e544bbf2c6d08113364c611298

Bottom line it doesn’t matter if your goal is conditioning, strength or both caffeine is your friend when it comes to performance.


3. Improved Focus

Training and results is as much mental as it is physical. Performance and dominating your workouts as much physical as it is mental.

As well focus can be extremely beneficial in life.

It doesn’t mater if you are like me right now writing this blog post and sipping on a coffee or if you are having a coffee before you go to work or to school, caffeine is proven time and time again to be very effective to help with focus.


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4. Decreased Muscle Pain & Improved Recovery

Researchers at the University of Illinois showed that Caffeine pre workout can reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery.

In terms of training this means more reps, improved recovery, and less muscle sorenesscoffee.  That sounds pretty amazing to me.


5. Prevent Disease

Not only does Caffeine make you leaner, stronger, focused and help recovery it also helps you prevent disease.

Coffee contains Anti-Oxidants which are proven to protect against the damage of free radicals.

According to a 2011 study published in “Critical Reviews In Food Science & Nutrition” Coffee has an inverse relationship with Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Disease, Alzheimer’s and certain forms of Cancer.
Coffee/Caffeine has incredible benefits for performance and health, it’s low cost, very effective and damn tasty.

Try a large Starbucks, with one caffeine pill before your hardest workouts, it will help you dominate your workouts.


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