D-Stunner Review

D-Stunner Review

Hey Rob King here with my D-Stunner Review.

I will admit, I am a pre workout junkie.  Yes I eat right, I pay attention to post workout nutrition. But I am not gonna lie, I love my stim based pre workouts and I LOVE D-Stunner so I figured a D-Stunner Review would help all my Supplement Junkies out there :).

I have tried a ton of them over the years.  Jack3d was one of my favorites when it hit the market (Then it got pulled in Canada, more info on that HERE), so I have been looking for another pre workout and I found one that I really love. I loved D-Stunner so I thought a D-Stunner Review would be helpful for you.

Betancourts D-Stunner Review (Video)


I am not going to lecture you on how to use pre workouts but you should ALWAYS CYCLE THEM.  If you get to the point that 1 MR, Jack3d,, etc doesn’t work anymore please don’t email me with questions like “Rob 1MR doesn’t work for me anymore, what do you recommend I use?”

My answer is always this, NOTHING.  Take a break!  Your adrenals need a break, listen to your body.

Remember pre workouts are designed to make your workouts better.  If you want to build muscle, lose fat, then most of that is made in the KITCHEN.  You have to eat right.  There is NO excuse for poor nutrition except for laziness.

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Give it a try and leave me your feedback below.

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  • Mike

    AdvoCare Muscle Fuel is Incredible!!! If you have not tried it….Get on it! Safe for any athlete to use (unlike Jacked) and no placebo effect! More Reps, More Reps, More Reps! Love it! Not sure about your opinion on AdvoCares line but am curious! I will tell you that they personally changed my life in a short period of time!

  • Adrian

    Rob! You HAVE to try MuscleTech’s Neurocore. Best pre-workout I’ve tried in 10 years. By far!

  • Hey Adrian, thanks for the feedback, been using it and love Neurocore..thanks for the tip!