H1N1 – What’s your take?

H1N1 – What’s your take?

H1N1 – What’s your take?

So I haven’t taken the time to read much on the H1N1/Swine insanity recently.  However I will this weekend for SURE!

But the reason for this post is to open up some debate or information on the topic.

I know very little about this issue, nor do I claim to know much.  But IN MY OPINION it does seem the be very media driven and people are afraid to move!  Cough in public (even to clear your throat) and people run away from you faster than if you had a bomb strapped to your waist.

I am just posting to up some feedback, thoughts, information exchange, rants, Whatever!

If you have had experience with this be it GOOD OR BAD Please post some feedback below!!

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  • Moudy

    I think its completely overrated, and the idea of the vaccine scares me because of how fast it came on the market.

    I am sticking to my vitamins and water and a ton of purell sanitizer and hope to make it through this.

  • i work for a ems agency, i am emt i got mine about (2) weeks ago. the postive is better than the other, beacuse not just being around a gym, where all the germs are, but i will help you in the long run. that last for (1) year. also if you travel, a lot, and around a lot of people.

  • You are very right Rob, it is VERY media driven. They even went so far as to show kids screaming when getting the needles just to ensure the panic of it all. The only deaths in the province were people who had underlying conditions which lead to the extreme complications. Any flu can be deadly if not taken care of this one just seems to work a little faster.It hits ALOT harder and faster the few people that I know that have had it say that there is no mistaking it. So you get it, you go get your meds and you get better. When you are better you get the shot and you never get it again. Not much of a reason for the mass panic that the media has created by feeding the paranoia of people and playing on their heartstrings. That’s what I know with a few opinions to boot. Hope this helps.

  • Jonathon Lilly

    I agree that it is very Media driven. But you can’t really look past all the people that are getting sick. Seems everyone has the flu. I honestly think it is a lot of Mass Hysteria. Monkey See, Monkey Do. You think your gonna get sick, then you probably will. Not saying that H1N1 isn’t out there & people have it. As for the Vaccine, I’m not getting it. I don’t have any underlying issue that will kill me, so if I do get sick, I’ll just get over it like I do when i have the regular flu. Stay home in bed, lots of liquids & flu meds.

  • Matt Bonnell

    Personally I am tired of hearing about it. People die from the flu every year. I think sanitizing your hands 50 times a day is more of a health threat.

  • Mark

    We had a grad student insist on coming to school and attending seminars, gatherings, meet-and-greets ect even though he was sick. He didn’t think it was swine, but that turned out wrong. Either way, it would have been common sense to avoid gatherings if he can’t go 2min without coughing. I’ll let you know my official opinion in a couple days.

  • Henry Hussey

    I would imagine, the fact that everyone is getting sick is due to he fact that no one has never been vaccinated for it.
    Im sick right now for 2-3 days, and frankly I have been up and about and not got it as bad as some people I know. Mild fever, Minor Aches and Pains, cough, and loss off appetite.
    But none the less I have had a lot worse than this. Then again I have 2 friends that cant even move, so perhaps all that good food, vitamins ect I eat and exercise has a strong role in it.

  • Thomas Cull

    Just a little bit of conspiracy theory and information for you folks.

    Number of people to die world wide from H1N1 : 1152
    Odds of Dying: 8,000,000:1
    have a better chance of dying from regular flu or in your bathtub.
    Tamiflu is the only vaccine made by Gilead Sciences Inc.
    Largest shareholder of GS Inc. is Donald Rumsfeld
    Donny gets 10% of all sales

    I’m not to concerned.

  • Carla

    Hahaha. That is so funny. Paranioa is common, at times hilarious, and then just down right annoying these days. If you did your research you would know that a seasonal flu can be just as bad if the wrong people get it and don’t take care of themselves to get over it.

  • tank80

    Hey thomas, tamiflu is an anti-viral medication specifically a neurominidase inhibitor, the N in H1N1. It is not a vaccine, so i dont see the connection you are trying to make.

  • tank80

    Sorry for the spelling mistake, its neuraminidase. Good luck with the blog rob.