Interview With Marc Lobliner – Scivation Supplements Xtend Canada

Interview With Marc Lobliner – Scivation Supplements Xtend Canada

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Marc first off thank you for taking the time for this Interview!  I know your very busy both with your business & upcoming competition. Maybe you can tell us what competition you are training for at the moment and how long you are dieting.  I follow you on Facebook an dude you are ALWAYS SHREDDED!

I am honored to be interviewed! I am training for the NPC Great Lakes Grand Prix in Columbus, OH on September 18 and the Mr. Australia on October 24. I am dieting for 10 weeks total for the 1st show and 16 weeks total for the 2nd show. I try to maintain photoshoot and videoshoot condition year-round to fully represent Scivation and Primaforce as an owner who practices what he preaches!

You have so many great Supplements with Scivation & Primaforce!  I have been an avid Scivation Junkie for a long time now (I may have been the first to carry Xtend in Canada actually ;)).  Maybe you can give us some background about how you got into the Supplement Industry.

Prior to Scivation, I was blessed with many opportunities. During college, I worked my way up to Personal Trainer Coordinator for Bally Total Fitness and soon got recruited to work my dream job, the place that started it all – Weider Publications! I spent 5 years at Weider Publications in charge of Endemic Business Development and as a Senior Account Manager. I worked with the man himself, Joe Weider!

I acted as a marketing consultant to small, medium and large companies to help grow their business which would in turn lead to a natural growth in their advertising budgets. I loved this job immensely.

I reluctantly left Weider for a position as a founding member of INSTONE. I felt it was time for my career to progress and that I had topped out at Weider. Long story short – it didn’t work out. I was about to leave the industry to go back into publishing for a mainstream company, but decided to stay around as a marketing consultant. From there, SciVation was created and Primaforce soon followed.

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My educational background is in marketing and marketing communications.

Upon parting ways with INSTONE (where are THEY now???? HAHAHA!!!), I decided it was time to take a risk. I went over it with my wife and since we did not have kids, we decided that I can always go back to selling ads and marketing programs. I took the plunge and I am living my dream and helping people reach their health and physique goals.

We are a company that practices what we preach. We train, diet and some of us compete just like our consumers. We know firsthand what it takes to get results as it is our lifestyle. We aren’t just some company with sponsored athletes and fat guys in polo shirts, we USE our supplements and rely on them to help us achieve our best condition and health possible.

I see SciVation leading the way in workout nutrition. That means nutrition taken during and around training (Xtend!) as well as supplements to further enhance diet, such as Dialene 4x and the best meal ever created, Solution 5. We also have the best quality Whey in my opinion on the market, Scivation Whey.

Going back to my 2nd question I am a ‘Scivation/PrimaForce Junkie :).  My Supp Cabinet always has Xtend (usually 3 containers lol), Cissus, Elastamine, Piracetam, Neuro Stim, and more.  Care to share with us any “Cool Stuff” you guys have in the works for the near future?

Indeed! We have a brand new Post Workout product that JUST had a study completed on it. AMAZING! It will revolutionize the postworkout category. Primaforce will also have a bulk powder D-Aspartic Acid which is shown to raise testosterone.

Maybe you can share some personal training & nutrition strategies or insights that you use for bodybuilding & staying in crazy shape!  With the internet these days its information overload, but I find that certain principles always stay the same.  maybe you can share some with us.

Honestly, DIET is key. It is free and is what I USE! It is amazing. Derek “Da Guru” Charlebois brings me into my shows and he is the creator of this program. Here is my current program:

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Here is the program prescribed by “DA GURU” Derek Charlebois.

1.    No walking on a treadmill at 3-4 mph. I will be weight training 4 times a week and doing cardio on the other 3 days only. No more, no less.
2.    I will do the clean carb-up on Saturday nights. More controllable.
3.    Weights = Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat; Cardio = Tues, Thurs, Sun. I will be alternating between two forms on cardio: HIIT and Long Duration (with a twist).

•     5 minute warm-up
•     15 seconds all out followed by 45 seconds of low-intensity cardio X 10
•     30 minutes of low-intensity cardio

•     Total time = 45 Minutes
The intervals should be done on a bike or elliptical. Running on the treadmill simply is inefficient and too high impact. The LI portion should be done on the Stepmill.

45 mins long duration = Interval setting on the Elliptical. Depending on the elliptical this will be 1-2 mins of varying inclines/resistance.

Week 1:
Tues = HIIT
Thurs = LONG
Sun = HIIT

Week 2
Tues = LONG
Thurs = HIIT
Sun = LONG

Cardio should be done in the morning. I will consume 1.5 scoops of Scivation Whey, wait a little, then take my Primaforce Yohimbine HCl and head to the gym.

Diet will be 6 meals a day, all 42g protein and 15g fat. Meal #1 (everyday including post-cardio) and PWO meal = 60g of carbs. So cardio days will just have one meal with carbs (meal #1) and weight training days will have two meals with carbs (Meal #1 and PWO).

Weight Training Workouts:
Chest + Delts
Back + Traps (Deads)
I can do those in whatever order I prefer. What I do doesn’t really matter as I am not gonna grow while losing fat. I just want to stimulate the muscles to maintain muscle.

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-1 Cup Oatmeal + 30g Peanut/Almond Butter + 15g carbs from Raisins.
-8 oz. Sweet Potato + 30g Peanut/Almond Butter + 1 TBSP Honey.
-2 Scoops Scivation Whey (this can be mixed into your oatmeal or as a drink).
Total Carbs = 150g.

Other Notes:

•     Unlimited Green Veggies.
•     Solution 5 as many meals as I want.
•     Two servings fruit per day from grapefruit and/or blueberries.

Supplements: SOME of what I will take (these are daily staples). ALL
Scivation and Primaforce!!

Xtend: 6 scoops during training, 6 scoops throughout the day.
Quake 10.0: 4 scoops PreWO.
Dialene 4x (2 caps) with Primaforce Yohimbine HCl (.2mg per kilo bodyweight) and Primaforce Alcalean (2 caps): PreCardio.
Essential EFA
Pure ALA
Pro Liver
Primaforce Glutaform
Primaforce Beta Alanine
Primaforce AAKG Powder (coming in 4 weeks to a retailer near you)
FOOD: Scivation Whey and Solution 5

THANK YOU For your time!  For anyone wanting more info on your products be sure to check out &  We need to hang out at The Mr. Olympia!!!

Thank you VERY MUCH! We need to hang out at the Olympia, but no meals—mine will either be in Tupperware of Scivation Solution 5 in a shaker!

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