Is working out a chore for you?

Is working out a chore for you?

So i was suppose to have my first MMA fight on August 1 in Halifax, but a 2 weeks before my fight the fight got cancelled. Instead of not going to Halifax i went for a little 2 day vacation with my good friend & trainer Andy Pratt.

Someone posted on my facebook that they couldn’t believe we worked out on vacation! The quote was something like “you guys even work out on vacation… I thought vacations were for vacationing from working out…:O)”.

Anyways this got me thinking. Do most people look at working out as a chore? Do you take a break while on vacation?

For me I love training. I always have and I always will. But i take breaks when i feel i need them, or when I feel burn out coming on. Training is something i love and I know is good for my mind and my health.

If someone looks at training as almost work then it isn’t fun. If it isn’t fun your not going to enjoy and make progress.

Keep the workouts fun, vacation should be a time away from WORK, not training. Enjoy your workouts, make the best of your surroundings for training and keep it challenging and healthy!

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