Is Your Gym Making you FAT & LAZY?

Is Your Gym Making you FAT & LAZY?

 Is your gym making YOU FAT & LAZY?

I have a question for you.  When was the last time you had a HARD workout?

Think about it for a second…..  When was the last time you felt that you WORKED OUT, not exercised.  I am not talking a little sweat or a little pump, i mean a HARD WORKOUT.

My guess is not recently.  Want to know why I feel this way?

Because your gym is MAKING YOU LAZY!!

A Fitness Center (Gym or whatever we call it) is a SERVICE to you.  They want you to come in, feel good, enjoy the atmosphere, the overall “experience”.  That’s great if your Starbucks but what about your gym?  Are they sabotaging you without you knowing it?

In my opinion YES they are and here is why!


Fitness centers are there to make you comfortable. They aren’t made to make you WORK HARD or uncomfortable.  Seriously think about these facts for a second

  • Why do most gyms have expensive nice treadmills with fu#king TV’s instead of just a track? Track is far cheaper, and WAY harder!  (A treadmill is far easier than running outdoors)
  • Stair masters etc cost thousands of dollars, yet you never see anyone running stairs!  Why? Its HARDER!
  • How many people do you see using a 10$ skipping rope?  Not many, yet the bikes are packed.
  • How many Chest Machines are there when you can do push ups?
  • How many fancy leg machines do you see when you can squat or lunge?
  • How many exercises are you SITTING DOWN when yo do them (this is a biggie trust me).

Why are you siting for most exercises?  TO MAKE IT MORE COMFORTABLE & EASY!

Think about this for a second, when really do you ever in your life sit down on a bench and press weight overhead?  My guess is never.  But why do we see so many people doing seated dumbbell or machine presss?  Yet STANDING PRESS is far more demanding, tiring, and has far more real life benefits (think about putting something in a top shelf, pushing something on top of your car etc).  I’ll tell you why, your gym wants you to be LAZY & NOT WORK HARD.

Let me ask you another question.  With SO MANY MORE people working out these days, with so many GOOD FOODS available to us, why are we fatter than ever?  Think about it!  Go into any Fitness Center and they are packed, yet hardly anyone is in shape!  The treadmills are full, the machines are full, but no hardly anyone is in shape anymore!

Go back 10-15 years (Yes I am old).  There was no fancy machines, no targeted isolation exercises.  You had a chin rack, a bench rack, dumbbells and treadmills.  But this meant hard workouts.  You had to WORK HARD.  Fast forward to today. We have machines to help us chin, machines to isolate our biceps, machines to hit everything.  WHY?  Because your gym wants to keep you fat & lazy to keep you paying!!!

Here is the deal.  A gym provides a service.  That service is to make you feel comfortable and enjoyable (think Starbucks).  The gym is there to make you feel good, not necessarily to get you IN SHAPE.  If you think about it you can pretty much get a insane workout with some running shoes, a skipping rope, and a bar and some plates.  The why the need for 8 thousand dollar TV treadmills and pec isolation machines?

Simple my friend, comfort = membership sales.


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I want you to try something for me.  Really, it’s pretty simple.  So DO THIS OK.

Your next workout i want you to do 2 things.


That’s it.  Pretty difficult huh!  Wow..  All this for those 2 simple suggestions.  YES.  That’s it.  Now I want you to TRY IT.  I want you to hit the gym for a week.  NO SITTING & NO MACHINES.

You will notice something.  90% of the stuff in the gym you can no longer do.  Gone are your “Isolation” (ahem crap) exercises.  Gone are your LAZY CARDIO exercises.  Gone is your COMFORT.  And that is the thing, Fitness Center’s thrive on YOU BEING COMFORTABLE!

So the next time you are at your gym

  • RUN STAIRS instead of the stair master.
  • Squat instead of seated leg extensions,
  • Do Chins instead of seating lat pull downs.
  • Do bench presses FROM THE FLOOR instead of lying down
  • Do your shoulder presses STANDING


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So that’s it.  If you want to chat and hang with your friends grab a beer or a Starbucks (I love coffee so drop me one anytime at Heavyweights lol). But when you hit the GYM take 45 minutes of your time and WORK.  Make it a workout, not a relaxation session.

Now get your ass in the gym and try what i say and report back to me.  Love to hear back from you on this!

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  • Jeddore

    awesome article, me and the guys work out in a dingy 20 x 20 room during the summer and i get the best workouts there, no stairmasters or treadmills to bee seen, if you want cardio, run somewhere haha

  • Mark

    Why bench from the floor, Rob?

  • Rob King

    It depends. its not really “natural” to bench beyond the floor. think about benching on a bench your really going beyond what is normal range. its really not that good for the shoulders and pecs.

    years ago people benched from the floor. its much more natural motion. …

    most pec and shoulder injuries happen at the bottom part of the bench press not the 1/2 way point or lock out.

  • Rob King

    Thanks John glad you liked it

  • Andrew Kirby

    Hey Rob

    I love Floor Presses being doing them for 8 weeks now and they are so much better than a normal bench press. I have gained so much more Power, Strength and Size from them not just in my chest, in my triceps and delts even my lats are sore the next day because of floor presses. I have noticed when using dumbbells for incline and flat press I have gained alot of stabillity and control because of doing floor pressing.

    Take A Look At This Link!

  • Hughie

    Hey Rob, great article! You make some really good points. As a trainer I employ nearly all these things you mentioned and my clients sweat more and work a lot harder than the people using the machines and sitting down a lot. As for running the stairs well try doing it holding dumbbells and taking the stairs two at a time, that’ll work you harder than any stairmaster ever will in a lot less time! Why would you sit ti do a shoulder press? seriously? sitting doesn’t make it any easier or harder for your shoulders so that means it comes down to laziness! Don’t be lazy! make your legs hold that extra weight, I am sure your legs can easily hold whatever weight you are shoulder pressing, in fact why not do some compound exercises like squat presses!? If you’re in a gym/fitness center you want change and results, that’s almost certain, well then make yourself work for it! All Rob’s points will do that and take my stair challenge too, I dare you, your heart and legs will love you for it…maybe not right away though.

  • I love your article!… Great pointers and it all makes sense thats why I dont really go to the GYM Centers anymore…

  • Great post Rob!

    It’s time people put the WORK back into their workouts!