My Trip To Fitness Info Summit in Orlando Florida

My Trip To Fitness Info Summit in Orlando Florida

Fitness Info Summit Orlando – Why I Went.

I was lucky enough to attend the FIS (Fitness Info Summit) in Orlando FL. this weekend,  Although the weather was amazing and I was lucky enough to escape the cold (and snow) of Newfoundland weather for a short period of time, vacation wasn’t the reason for my travels.

My main reason for venturing to Orlando was to meet with some of the smartest people around on creating fitness products.

Fitness Books, DVDs, and all that jazz!  After being in the weight training & fitness business for over 10 years now I think i have learned an awful lot that can benefit many people in their pursuit of their fitness goals.

Orlando Florida - 3 Theme Parks in 12 Hours!

Orlando Florida - 3 Theme Parks in 12 Hours!

Aside from learning a TON of new info and meeting some great people, things only got better!  Andy Pratt and myself were privileged enough to be accepted into the newest “MasterMind Fitness” Group!  Andy & I combined have well over 20 years of fitness experience (both in terms of eduction and personal accomplishment), so we figure if we put our heads together we can bring some KICK ASS products to the fitness industry!

I am very excited!!  I have ideas for Books, DVD’s, Training Manuals, How To stuff, going around in my brain all the freakin time!  Another thing is that there is so much BAD information out there these days (just turn on late night TV or hit the gym, you will see it everywhere), that I should be able to REALLY HELP PEOPLE in their pursuit for getting a fitter, stronger, healthier body!

For over 10 years in my retail store (Heavyweights) I have been answering questions, giving advice & coaching people.  My business is based on SERVICE. & HONESTY People come see me because they know I always come through with truth, sincerity & the RIGHT info to help them.

So I am hoping that this first step will be the “One small step for man” type deal, and I can take my passion and knowledge on a bigger scale to help and educate more people!

I would love some feedback from people on here so please leave me some comments it would be really appreciated!

Any suggestions for books, DVD. etc  I am open to suggestions and feedback!


PS. The sun and Disney World for 1 day was a nice bonus I have to say 🙂

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  • As an independent wrestler who has only started weight-training on a 5 day scale within the past few months, I can honestly say that an increase in size, and cardiovascular endurance are my main, personal goals. Just looking at the size of Rob makes me believe that I’m getting the best advice possible when it comes to routines, products and other training tips. Only from blogs and other reports such as these have I learned about all of Rob’s experience, making me believe that his instructions and guidelines desereve to be put into books and DVD’s. I know if I ever see one of these products on a shelf in St, John’s, I’ll be pickin’ up a copy.

  • One of the biggest issues I have as well as many others I know is the lack of knowledge in regards to supplements. There always seems to be a new product to get you ripped in one use or will add 14.8 lbs of muscle in one use. A book in with information about essential supplements and what they do and how they work would be excellent.

    All the advice I’ve received from Rob so far has been of the highest caliber.

  • Jason

    All i have to say, is that whenever I shop for suppliments at Heavyweights, I am always greeted like I am a part of the heavyweights family. I always leave the store feeling good and confident in the product I have in the bag and or the fitness information i was given. I would definitely pick up a copy of whatever it is you put out first wether it be a DVD, book or how too manual. Besides, you can’t give ALL your secrets for free!
    Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to seeing these new products

  • Dan

    Bit of a rookie with the training and supplements and stuff, but Rob is a great help steering me in the right direction. With his advice already seeing some results. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more advice and details on different supplements and training ! Dvd will be a great pickup

  • stephen

    I think that there should be a focus on the fact that there are no shortcuts. It takes work and a plan to achieve your goals. Maybe a year long manual which includes different training methods combined with the proper diet to best achieve the goals of each specific program. This type of book can than branch off into different sport specific training manuals for athletes looking to constantly improve in there chosen sport from year to year.

    Good luck guys, I look forward to seeing your products.

  • Rob, I would buy anything you make on physical fitness. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck and let me know if there is anything you need!


  • Rob, i think you should definitely explore the DVD and/or book route. You have so much info and knowledge to share, what better way to help people while at the same time reaching a mass audience. Your a go-getter man, do this. it WILL work. Id be willing to help in any way you need man.
    For those that dont know Rob, or Heavyweights, your missing out. He’s friendly, sincere and honest. I challenge others to find cheaper high quality products anywhere else in the city..because you”ll be wasting yer time. Good luck with it all bro!